Surecrete’s Booth #304

On Wednesday – Friday Surecrete we had LIVE DEMOS of XS-327 sealing, Bending XS PreCast mix, Travertine texture for Interior & Exterior using Thin Overlays, and Demonstrating Surecrete All New Eco-Stain Color, Midnight Blue.


On Thursday  October 1st  Jobsite Supply will had an open house showing new techniques for interior walls and floors.

16 ft Stud wall Elasto-Sheild the drywall (1) Elasto-Sheild the drywall (4) WallSpray with Silver CP (7)
Elasto-Sheild 3x5 Hardi Board (2) Elasto-Sheild 3x5 Hardi Board (5) MicroTopping with Dove Gray CP (3) MicroTopping with Dove Gray CP (8)


Scrap wall to knock off any unwanted burs (1) Wet the wall with clean water (2) Wet the wall with clean water (1) Roll On Micro-Topping Gray (2)
 Roll On Micro-Topping Gray (3)  Roll On Micro-Topping Gray (4)  Circle pattern trowel and burnish until smooth  20150929_101811


20150928_172308_001 20150928_172317 20150928_172322 20150929_101805


20150929_115844 20150929_115854 20150929_132224 20150929_132231


20151002_120346 20151002_120320 20151001_171338 20151002_120355

Some Cool Designs Created Using Surecrete Products

20150928_163908 20150928_163913 20150929_123402 20150929_123419


20150929_123427 20150929_123430 20151001_104243 20151001_104255

Build at Concrete Decor Show 2015 in Indy with Keefe DuhonProjects like this help the industry show others (mainly the general population) the lack of limitations Concrete has, competitions like this allow us to share ideas, help expand conceptions and test limitations of products old and new… The practicality of some of this may Never be used on a daily basis in the industry, but the knowledge we gain from seeing how different products react to creative uses helps us be better knowledgeable problem solvers when we approach difficult situations on future job sites.Please… check out the attention to detail that was created by exploring some of our favorite products. notice the depth created by utilizing carving with stamps and highlighting with an airbrush, the flexible concrete grass and sticks, tiny eggs in a nest or the gator bait hanging on a hook, the GFRC rocks, the creative way we created depth with undergrowth moss, rippled “water” and paints… the surfacing fish about to eat a water bug, the turtle and the gator(who is about to eat a raccoon!)… All the details down to the subtle homage to Bent Mikkelsen of Concrete Decor…

Posted by SeaNic Solutions on Sunday, October 4, 2015

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It’s that time again. Surecrete is proud to sponsor the 2015 Concrete Decor Show in Indianapolis, Indiana Convention Center, Hall F. As with the past 5 years of attending, SureCrete will be demonstrating the latest product technology in the decorative concrete industry. Stop by our booth located right as you walk into the show (booth 304) to view all-day product demos demonstrated by our technical staff. Some of the demonstrations will include, bending concrete, concrete countertop sealer applications, forming and pouring concrete samples with different designs and textures including the “travertine” look, and much more.