Location: Canon City, Colorado

Project: Staining a concrete retaining wall

Installation by: Anderson Thompson

Material Supplier: Two Sisters Decorative Concrete Supply

Total Sq Ft: 324 sq ft

Products Used: Orange Blossom & Oak Eco-Stain plus SureCrete Water based Clear Acrylic sealer

A concrete retaining wall is an important, functional element to your home. For many though, it is a blank canvas waiting to have someone bring it to life. That is exactly what happened to a homeowner in Canon City, Colorado. With such beautiful scenery surrounding his home, his retaining wall block was a large white eye soar that stood out. After searching online and finding Two Sisters Decorative Concrete Supply, they realized they could bring their backyard retaining wall to life and do it in a way that was environmentally friendly!

The team at Two Sisters DCS, explained the pros and cons of traditional reactive acid and acrylic based stains offered by many companies. Realizing they did not like the sound of chemical stain or the uniform paint like look of acrylic stains, they choose to go with an environmentally friendly stain called Eco-Stain. This product offers 29-UV stable colors and uses the concrete retaining walls natural porosity to give the modeled and variegated stain look desired. To finish off the installation they choose a low VOC sealer from SureCrete Design, Hi-Gloss Clear WaterBase Sealer. Since the homeowner did not want to take on this project, Two Sisters DCS offered some local contractors, which were qualified for this application.

The process of installation was to thoroughly clean the retaining wall via a pressure washer and SCR. Once the retaining wall was clean, the team with Anderson Thompson Group, sprayed on the two colors of Eco-Stain with a HVLP gun hooked up to a compressor. This technique allowed for an even amount of material, and reduced  the amount of concrete stain being applied. This gave the opportunity to minimize runs and uneven or splotchy  modeling on the concrete retaining wall. After the stain dried, which is typically 30-60 minutes, they then applied the Waterbase acrylic sealer. The sealer was a wise choice as it locks down the color and provides a protection against staining from the soil and other minerals in the ground and water.

Two Sisters Decorative Concrete Supply is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado but offers concrete products and supplies to all of Colorado including Canon City. For more information please contact them at 1-719-661-8978.