GFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete has become the technology of choice when it comes to unique and manufacture-able concrete designs. GFRC allows for high early strength, faster curing and lighter weight concrete casted pieces. With many architects, engineers, fabricators, and contractors leaning towards those attributes, the difficulty comes in choosing a GFRC lightweight concrete roof panel mix that delivers quality control of raw materials, predictable outcomes, and backed by a single manufacturerAlthough you can find a variety of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete formulas, it seems there are four factors that seem to frustrate applicators with this high early strength formula:

  • First is the amount of companies you deal with for the raw materials to make up your GFRC mix Design.
  • The second is the issue with temperature control during the shipping of the raw materials, along with the temperature during the application process.
  • The third obstacle is the inconsistency from batch to batch, this occurs due to the personal measurements of the multiple raw materials and the polymers and resins for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete formulas that require a specific temperature to work correctly.
  • Lastly with so many raw materials needed from different companies it can be an expensive startup cost to see if you like one particular GFRC formula or mix design versus another.

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All of the structural and fabrication benefits out way the concerns of the above mentioned issues with the use of GFRC.  But in 2007 one manufacturer unveiled the first pre-blended Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete mix design that solved all 4 stumbling blocks for GFRC users. This new hybrid GFRC technology utilizes the latest in cementitious technology. The Xtreme Series GFRC delivers over 10,400 PSI, a demold time of 6 hours and a non- temperature sensitive mix design!

How does it help provide solutions to GFRC applicators?

First off, it simplifies the process of the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete mix design. Xtreme Series GFRC is a 2 component system, comprised of a “face mix” and a Glass AR fiber infused “backer mix”. Based on the current technology behind the Xtreme Series Product lineup, the Xtreme Series GFRC Face Mix is packaged in a 50lb bag that has white cement, a fine sand and a specific blend of Nano fibers which are not seen in the Face mix but adds to its strength and flexibility. You combine that with 1 gallon of modifier.

This unique design has NO polymers and NO acrylics providing a solution to temperature  issues with GFRC. In addition, you have one company,  that supplies all of the components needed for GFRC, and it is pre-blended in a bag, simplifying your time and labor in your shop. It also takes your startup cost from an average of $900.00 to around $150.00 {(1) – XS GFRC Face Mix + (1) XS Backer Mix + (2) Gallons of XS PreCast Modifier)}.

The Xtreme Series GFRC system is a user friendly version of typical GFRC mix designs, most applications only require the use of a hopper gun and an air compressor however for larger commercial applications and higher fiber loading a commercial pump is applicable.

The Xtreme Series GFRC simplifies and speeds up the process of fabricating all concrete pieces whether it is a concrete countertop, fireplace, shower surrounds, wall panels or furniture. Allowing them to be made thinner and therefore lighter with less time required for mixing and measuring components as seen with other GFRC formulas.

Look for the next article when we will feature the versatility of SureCrete’s Xtreme Series Backer Mix and we look at some job profiles where this new GFRC technology has been used.

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