SureCrete is happy to announce the availability of the Xtreme Series concrete counter-top Slurry Mix. It s a (1) gallon container and is designed to be used as  filler for voids in Pre Cast Concrete and Concrete Countertop pieces. The mix design allows for the ability to a match or provide a contrast color thru the use of Surecrete’s Color Packs. Let’s look at the steps involved:

  • Once your piece has been rough sanded and washed with a dilution of 3 parts water and 1 part SCR it is ready for slurry.
  • The idea behind the concrete countertop slurry is to quickly fill holes, voids and veins.
  • The best tool for the application of slurry is your hand; most tools merely cover the holes and don’t fill them.

NOTE: It is important to “fill” the hole so pressure on that area at a later date doesn’t cause it to reoccur.

Slurry for Concrete Counter-tops

Slurry for Concrete Counter-tops

  • During the application process, try to leave as little material behind on the surface of the piece as possible; this excessconcrete countertop slurry material will have to be sanded off later.
  • Do not try to use a damp sponge or wet rag to remove excess concrete countertop slurry, this will only result in removing material from the voids and cause a depression in the area of the void.
  • Instead, wait for concrete countertop slurry to dry, this usually takes an hour or so depending on environmental factors and sand the excess off with a 400 grit sand paper or diamond pad.

NOTE: All sanding should be done with out the use of water.