Location: Air National Guard Base –  Obetz, Ohio

Project: Improving the aesthetic look of the concrete floor

Installation by: Artistic Scapes, LLC

Material Supplier: SureCrete products from Buckeye Ready Mix and W.R. Meadows

Total Sq Ft: 11,000 sq ft

Products Used: SCR , Eco-Stain , Dura-Kote Water based Urethane , Sure Finish

The 121st ARW Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base in Obetz, Ohio was looking to create an  industrial look to their concrete floor. The project had two phases of design: 4,000 sq ft of concrete surface was going to be cleaned and sealed and the remaining 7,000 sq ft was a stained concrete floor.

The reason behind the two applications was to create a concrete floor surface that was easier to keep clean and maintain. In addition to minimizing the maintenance on the concrete floors, the products used delivered an improvement to the aesthetic look of the facility. An obstacle on this project was that the floors were poured in the winter and the central heating was not fully operational. The crew at Artistic Scapes utilized space heaters to help. The temperature was uneven and altered cure rates of the staining and sealing process.

The beginning phase was to clean 4,000 sq ft with SCR (Super Concrete Renovator) an Eco-friendly concrete surface cleaner. Once the surface was clean and profiled they began the application of sealer which was W.R. Meadows VOC OMP-25.

Next they began the final 7,000 sq ft by prepping the walls to protect them from the staining process. After using SCR an Eco-friendly concrete surface cleaner they used Surecrete’s Eco-Stain. An Eco-friendly concrete stain that penetrates the floor and uses porosity as is way to create a natural looking variegated and modeled design. The color chosen was Walnut and it was sprayed down with a pump up sprayer. After allowing the stain to completely dry overnight the crew began the first coat of sealer. To keep with the Eco-friendly concrete floor application, they choose Surecrete’s Dura-Kote WB Urethane.  This sealer is 56% solid and has zero smell, it is also has a VOC of 72 grams./L.

To finish the project they applied a few coats of Sure Finish. A sacrificial wax coat for sealed concrete floors.