A Truly One-of-a-Kind Concrete Table Centerpiece

Are you ready for something completely innovative and unique? While this beautiful tree table looks like it’s carved out of wood, it gets even better… Can you guess the material it’s made of? Believe it or not, this is a concrete tree table. Designed by Diane Husson, it can be a perfect accessory for your home, patio, cottage, etc. It brings a dash of nature and helps create a warm atmosphere we all want in our homes.

The designer played with shapes and managed to create an amazing replica of a tree while using a long lasting material that is extremely low maintenance. Your concrete tree table will last for a long time and will be very resistant to bad weather, moths and other factors that may ruin wood over time. Strong and stable, this beautiful table isn’t just pretty looking, but also very practical. It handles pressure well so you can use it without worry. Unlike wooden furniture, it’s not going to set on fire in case of a forgotten candle or any other accident, which may not seem like the most important feature but could possibly be a life-saving one!

This little table is the perfect piece of furniture that will accentuate the beauty any room you place it in. It’s great as a plant stand, gramophone stand (so vintage!) or as a living room table to serve drinks on. Take it out in the garden or on the patio and see how well it fits the nature around you. You and your guests will love it! Having such a unique piece of art that is also functional will perfectly show off your artistic side.

The artist clearly knows what she’s doing, as you can see the shape of the tree branches are followed so perfectly that you can’t even tell it’s not a real tree at first glance. The art of creating tree branch shapes from concrete originates from France and it’s around 100 years old, but it hasn’t lost a bit of its uniqueness in Husson’s interpretation. Having a piece like this in your home is similar to having a beautiful painting on the wall – you can admire it and enjoy its beauty, but this kind of art also has a practical value which makes it even better.

The only problem that may occur is that you will want more of this artist’s items, as well! She does plenty of work so you can mix and match to create a perfect branched furniture corner for ultimate relaxation moments.

Artist: Diane Husson
Website newrelics.com
Diane’s Facebook

casted concrete tree table

Some of the Products used to Create This Concrete Tree Table

Concrete Casting Kit

Concrete Countertop Kit


concrete stain



concrete furniture sealer



concrete table sketch plan

Sculpting Concrete Faux Bois Concrete Tree Table Step by Step

Following these instructions yourself probably won’t help you duplicate this one-of-a-kind artistic design by Diane Husson, but it might give you some insight into her creative process and the amount of work, time and effort that went into this cast concrete design. Maybe these step by step insights will help you make your own unique cast concrete sculpture!

Step 1 – Sketching and Planning

First things, first. Planning is so very key when Diane takes on a new piece of sculpted artwork like this concrete tree table or concrete faux bois. Sketching her design gives her a great basis to start her work.

Step 2 – Shaping the Frame with Rebar

Since most of the base of this concrete tree table consists of thin “branches”, Diane utilized concrete rebar and cut, welded and bent it into a basic form to create the armature for the table.

Step 3 – Adding Flexural Strength with Lathe

While a concrete rebar base is certainly strong, it’s not a great surface to attached concrete to. She wrapped a diamond lathe mesh around the rebar to create a surface to mold the XS Precast onto.

Step 4 – Applying XS Precast to Tree Table Mold

After adding additional fibers to the XS Precast mix, it was firmly packed onto the diamond lathe and concrete rebar base mold. Care was taken to try to expose as few fibers as possible on the surface.

Step 5 – Adding a Layer of “Detail” Cement

An additional layer of cement is placed on top of the fiberous XS Precast mix to allow for a more detailed artistic carving surface. Then came the hard part – using fine tools to sculpt the details of the tree table. If attempting something similar, remember that what makes something organic and natural looking is not perfect clean lines but rather imperfections and “mistakes”. Don’t be afraid if it doesn’t come out exactly as you originally intended!

Step 6 – Accenting with Eco-Stain

Since she was creating a “deadwood” or driftwood design for this piece, Diane selected Domino Eco-Stain to accent the sculpted texture she had created.

Step 7 – Protecting with Sealer

With this natural concrete design, or concrete tree faux bois, it was very important not to add a glossy or film-forming sealer coating to this piece. Diane selected XS-327 to protect her beautiful new sculpted concrete tree table.

concrete table sketch plan

concrete tree table wire lathe

tree table applying concrete casting mix

casted concrete tree table