Custom Concrete Overlay Wood Floor Design Thin Concrete Overlay Wood Grain Effect * WINNER - BEST THIN OVERLAY PROJECT PHOTO * Congratulations to Keefe Duhon out of Louisiana for winning the 2015 SureCrete Photo Contest category [...] View Complete Details
Multi Square Tile Tape Overlay Pattern Tile Looking Indoor Concrete Overlay Tired of the same old tile choices?  This contractor was able to create a custom tile looking concrete with any color option the customer wanted. [...] View Complete Details
Living Room Burnished Concrete Overlay Modern Living Room Concrete Floor Design This floor was tightly troweled and burnished with a slight sheen to give a polished concrete look using accent stains. Photos Ideas Concrete Countertop [...] View Complete Details
Dolphin Custom Taped Overlay Concrete Unique Stenciled and Colored Dolphin Overlay Have a thought of what you would like your pool deck to look like?  How about a custom taped dolphin look?  Imagine your friends [...] View Complete Details
Custom Taped Concrete Overlay Pattern Staggered Rock Tape Overlay Driveway Pattern Not your ordinary gray driveway: With custom tape patterns, this contractor was able to create any size rock looking design the homeowner wanted.  Finished [...] View Complete Details
Multi-Directional Stenciled Concrete Overlay Unique Driveway Stenciled Concrete Overlay This concrete driveway has many different stencil designs including;  a large tile design, horizontal cinder-block stenciled look and finished off with a brick pattern stencil [...] View Complete Details

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