Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Project: Beazer Home – Community Pool Deck  Renovation

Installation by: ACM

Material Supplier: SureCrete Design

Total Sq Ft: 14,000 sq ft

Products Used: Flash Patch, SureTex, , Eco-Stain, Pigmented SureSeal 20%

A Beazer Home’s community clubhouse had issues with their concrete pool deck, during the initial installation of the almost 14,000 sq ft pool deck it encountered rain and a poor finishing technique. Although the builder was disappointed in the outcome, they were not prepared to do a major overhaul immediately.Why? They wanted the concrete pool deck to naturally go through its curing process and have time to make any movement and cracks. This way they could ensure a new aesthetic and functional  look that would stand the test of the traffic it would bare from it’s community. Let’s see the process that the team atACM used to make this a successful decorative concrete makeover.

The first phase was to patch all dips and uneven spots that were causing water run off issues. To do this they used a concrete patch and blend product called Flash Patch. After all areas were level the cleaned and profiled the concrete pool deck to get it ready to receive its new decorative concrete surface. With slip and fall a major issue on a pool deck surface, the team at ACMchoose a decorative concrete overlay mix from SureCrete, called SureTex. This product is designed to create the strongest bond to the concrete pool deck surface and create a classic knockdown or cool deck look. It’s mix design is single component, “just add water”, and therefore is Zero VOC and considered a Green or environmentally friendly concrete overlay.

After mixing SureTex with a pre-measured color pack and the right amount of water, they began the base coat on all 14,000 sq ft. They were able to cover the square footage with ease using a stand up squeegee. This was probably a wise choice of tool, as it does not require the applicator to bend over and be on their knees for  such a large project.

Once the base coat was dry on the concrete pool deck surface, they mixed up some additional SureTex with color, but this time sprayed it our of a hopper gun hooked up to an air compressor. This technique delivers a splatter affect on the surface, creating the beginning stage of the classic knockdown look. As part of the team is mixing and spraying the SureTex onto the surface the other half are using the stand up squeegee to flatten or knockdown the splatter texture to create the gorgeous new decorative concrete look.

After letting the material dry overnight, they then used a pigmented sealer to waterproof and ensure a consistent color across the entire concrete pool deck surface. As recommended by the manufacturer, they applied 2 coats of sealer for optimal performance and water and stain repellance to complete the project.