Ready to Create your Concrete Counter Top?

Want a new kitchens ideas, what are you waiting for? With Surecrete’s do it yourself concrete counter top kit, it has never been easier. Your kitchen could look just as beautiful and functional as the one you see in the picture above – a warm, inviting place that smells like the most delicious meals and cookies day after day. Making these concrete countertop products mixes yourself isn’t all that difficult, either! Check out the quick and easy to follow steps below along with the time-lapsed beginning to end training video to learn how you can improve your kitchen counters sooner rather than later!

Kitchen countertops is truly a unique item on the market. Warm and wonderful copper colors can bring life to any kitchen and simply invites you and your friends to spend time with it. The built-in sinks with the chrome faucets represent beautiful and practical detail and show that this kitchen island counter top has it all. The high-quality material guarantees a long life span even in the face of rigorous use. The smooth and solid surface makes it perfect for everyday use and very easy to clean.

Combined with other elements in the same color scheme, this cement counter will be the star of every kitchen and naturally fits into the room. The unique design lets you express your creative side while keeping the functionality on a high level. If you constantly struggle with countertop space in your kitchen, and you’ve been thinking about getting a kitchen island, you want to invest in the counter top that will bring out the best in it. It’s equally perfect for the beginners in the art of cooking as it is for professional chefs. Counter top islands provide plenty of space that can be used in so many ways, for example when cooking with friends or family.

It goes great with wooden elements as well as with steel or iron elements. This counter top island’s neutral and yet unique color scheme will let you combine it with nearly anything, and it will always look amazing. Space here is large enough to enable your freedom while getting things done, but not too large to take up the entire space. You will be able to move around it easily and be much more productive in your kitchen.

Concrete Countertop Kit DIY Complete Mix System

If the home kitchen is the place you spend a lot of your time in, you want a functional table with a great countertop kitchen that also looks great. With this concrete counter top kit, you will be getting everything you could need: a fantastic and inspire modern design, incredible functionality and precious extra space you crave in the kitchen. That’s the case in most of the kitchens: no matter how much space you have on your standard surfaces, it seems like you could always use some more, well, a lot more. Keep your appliances on the smaller counter tops and use this beauty up to its full potential. Or perhaps you could decorate it with fruit arrangement in the middle? The options are countless unlike granite countertop or laminate countertops build, just because its design allows for it. Also, don’t forget the bathrooms. Contact our service team for all details or concrete kitchen designs. If you have ever watched a DIY TV show, you have seen the popularity of concrete counter tops.

Below are the steps for Surecrete’s Concrete Countertop DIY Steps:

Step 1: Counter top Layout and Planning

When building counter tops, as with any construction project, planning is the most important step! Since every counter top design is different, your template needs to be extremely precise. So take your time with this step. Measure twice, pour once! Sometimes it is better to have someone else look at this and double check your measurements.

Step 2: Laying Out the Counter Top Template

Using the XS Forming System, start building your counter top template mold for your counter top. Using the double sided tape, attach your foam rails to your selected smooth casting surface. Remember that you will be casting “upside-down” so make sure your measurements translate correctly (casting mold reversed)! Once all of the foam casting rails are attached, apply your clear facing tape to the inside edges of the foam rails, as well as any edge details on facing sides. Be sure all facing tapes are flush with the casting surface and have no buckles. This will give your countertop edge a smooth and clean finish.

Countertop Foam Rails Counter Facing Tape


Step 3: Mixing your Counter Top Mix and Concrete Poured

Once you have your countertop mold set up and on a completely level casting surface, it’s time to mix the concrete countertop mix. The first thing you want to do is pour the pre-measured 1-gallon liquid solution we call “modifier” into a clean 5 gallon mixing bucket. Now it is time to add your preferred color mix (see pictures below) with a mixer until well blended. This will ensure that your color will be consistent in your final counter top. Now slowly add in the 50-pound pre-blended concrete mix with a mechanical mixer until you get the consistency of the mix you’re looking for. In most cases, you will want it to look like thick pancake batter, thick but able to pour. If too thick, you could add additional water if necessary while mixing. (up to 16 ounces)

Concrete Countertop Additive Concrete Countertop Color Concrete Countertop Bag Mix
Mix Concrete Countertop Color Mix Concrete Countertop Mix

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Step 4: Pouring Concrete Counter mix and Adding Desired Texture

Once your mix is the right consistency, it is time to start pouring into your mold, making sure to get it into every corner so as to not allow air-holes to form. When pour countertop mix, if using XS Veining material, pour XS Precast to the edge of your first “vein” and then apply veining material along the desired edge, then clean any excess veining material with light air or you can and quartz. Then finish pouring your mix material into your mold until it is to the top of the foam rails. NOTE: Pay special attention not to go over the foam rails, this will make de-molding more difficult, and you may need to grind or sand your counters bottom edge. Once your mold is full poured, gently “pat” the mix lightly to make sure no air pockets form underneath and get trapped. There is no need to use a vibrating table with this mix.

Pour Concrete Countertop Mix apply Concrete Countertop Vein Spread out Concrete Countertop mix


Step 5: De-Molding and Cleaning You Cement Countertop

In most cases, your pour counter top can be de-molded after only 4 to 6 hours, depending on the size of your top this step may require two or more people. Gently remove the foam rails and facing tapes from the edges of your cast concrete countertop piece. Place the removed XS Foam Rails onto a flat surface in such a way that they will support your newly cast piece. Gently tilt your piece in a manner that does not cause flex in the concrete (similar to granite or glass). Place your cast piece on top of these to ensure breath-ability of the counter while finishing. Clean the top of your top using diluted SCR. Rinse thoroughly and wipe clean.

Remove Foam Rails Demold Concrete Countertop Clean and Rinse Concrete Countertop Etch and Clean Concrete Countertop Cleaned Concrete Countertop


Step 6: Sealing Your Counter

When looking for a more natural look and design, this concrete countertop kit includes XS-327 water-based food safe sealer. See the TDS for XS-327 for specific mixing and application instructions, Here are the basic instructions when applying this sealer: First coat should be implemented at a 7:1 water to sealer ratio. You should thoroughly saturate the piece until no more product can be absorbed, then remove all excess material by back rolling with very light pressure to get a consistent even coating. The following two coats should be applied at a mixing ratio of 2:1 water to the sealer. As with the first layer, work XS-327 vigorously into the surface helping the counter absorb as much of the sealer as possible. Once applied thoroughly, back roll the sealer gently with little to no pressure on your roller to ensure no sealer marks show up later. Please keep in mind you can always get a polished look if these coats are applied evenly, just like concrete floors.

Apply Concrete Countertop Sealer Back Roll Concrete Countertop Sealer
SureCrete XS327 is a premium concrete countertop sealer that when fully cured is a food-safe clear coating. Available in gloss or matte finishes, XS-327 is a water-based polyurethane that is UV stable and scratch resistant clear concrete sealer.

xs-327 Concrete Countertop Sealer

Step 7: Install Your new Concrete Countertop

Congratulations! You are almost done. The installation will vary greatly depending on the size of the concrete counter top you have cast and the way your kitchen is designed, but installation is typically very simple. Again, depending on the size of your countertop, two or more people may be required for installation to ensure that your countertop does not break when installing. Any seams can be joined with colored epoxy or an equivalent product of your choosing. Concrete Countertops that are sealed properly are extremely low maintenance and very durable, so now just sit back and enjoy your creation!

Below is the DIY Building Concrete Counter Top Kit Described Above

Want to know what kit you need for yo to learn concrete countertops kitchen project needs? No problem! Simply contact Surecrete’s stores sales team and provide them your counters size and thickness you are looking to achieve, along with the look you shopped for and they will tell you exactly what size kit you’ll need to make your custom counter top.
Call (352) 567- 7973 or email them directly.

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When preparing for a concrete countertop build, the concrete calculator above will help you know exactly what you will need to make your countertop simply by entering the width and length of your counter and the calculation will tell you the cubic feet needed for your area, just like calculating pouring slabs for your driveway, but for counters. Because SureCrete Countertop Mix can be poured at different thicknesses, we will not use cubic yards concrete calculator, but simply supply you with the cubic cement mix by 50-pound bags. If you have a special need and are having trouble knowing how far yards concrete will go in 50 lbs bags, please contact your Surecrete representative, and they will be more than happy calculate it for you and make sure you ordered the right products.