Outdoor Kitchens is a new Look for 2016 with Concrete Counters for Outdoor Spaces

oudoor kitchen and concrete countertops

Outdoor ideas Kitchens and Counter Choices

In Colonial times, outdoor kitchens were often placed far from the main house. This lessened the danger of fire, while keeping the residence cooler in summer and free from cooking smells year-round. When George Washington renovated Mount Vernon in 1775, he built a colonnade to shelter kitchen workers from the weather as they brought meals to the main house.
Today’s patio outdoor kitchens are designed for hospitality and relaxation, letting family and guests enjoy a uniquely expanded sense of house and home and grilling outdoor. A well-designed outdoor kitchen creates a three-season entertainment venue. Spring luncheons and end-of-the-school-year celebrations give way to summer pool parties and family barbecues which can continue into fall. Adding weather-protection for appliances, space-heating and fans to enhance ventilation and built-in fireplaces or specialty ovens all extend the use of your outdoor kitchen to, and in some climates through, winter months.

The final role of an outdoor kitchen depends on materials chosen for its construction. Both paving and wall construction can echo or emphasize qualities of overall exterior surfaces. Using a single stone or brick texture for all patios and walkways helps to tie the kitchen to the house. Even more efficient is the choice of concrete paving, which can be custom-colored and pattern-stamped. Laid out to adapt to the contours of surrounding landscape, uninterrupted, free-form concrete paving makes the most of the available space and serves as a unifying visual carpet for both structures room kitchen.
Look at concrete choices when designing the walls of your home outdoor kitchen dining.

To well-known durability, concrete adds a flexibility that maximizes your space. Curved walls and countertop bases let you choose the best flow of traffic for your kitchen area. Easily molded concrete lets you navigate around rock outcroppings, significant trees, and other substantial landscape features, creating an organic “fit” for your new entertaining hub. Make a perfect room outdoor living space today.

Kitchen photo : Outdoor Kitchen Concrete Bar Top

Kitchen photo outdoor kitchen concrete bar top

How concrete options can enhance the creation and function of your outdoor kitchen is especially clear when you look at the choices available for designing and maintaining counter tops.

bronze metal outdoor patio concrete countertop

Bronze Metal Outdoor Patio Counter

As flat surfaces with maximum weather-exposure, modern concrete countertops illustrate the material’s unique balance of durability and beauty. Technological advances like the incorporation of glass fibers into concrete let designers mimic a spectacular range of looks and textures. A glass-fiber-infused concrete, like the Surcrete Xtreme series, can be poured in depths from ½ inch to 2 inches or more, textured, colored, glazed, stamped and veined to resemble marble, metals, native and exotic stones and even wood-like surfaces. Fibers address old concerns about weather-sensitive cracking. New coloring and surfacing materials tolerate heat as well as cold. From fantasy lighting to attention-grabbing textures, concrete offers as many alternatives as you and your designer can imagine you kitchens outdoors. Concrete outdoor concrete counter top kitchens grilling is a great family gathering for any homes design layout also outdoor rooms are a perfect gathering for friends.

For a young family’s yard, for example, picture this. The color scheme is simple, with dark awnings shading the stamped concrete patio, whose design resonates with tiling around the pool and you gardening area. A large grilling surface and undercounter refrigeration make casual family cookouts and frequent neighborhood pool parties easy to produce a new room. What set this entertainment center apart from the hospitality offered in neighboring yards are the high durability and easy maintenance of its building materials, especially those chosen for its abundant and handsome counters. Choosing concrete meant no limits on counter size and shape. Cracking and chipping become minimal concerns. Unlike granite or other stone options, counters

outdoor kitchens concrete patio fire pit

Outdoor Kitchens Concrete Patio Fire Pit

charcoal outdoor concrete kitchens counter

Charcoal Outdoor Concrete Kitchens Counter

stamped concrete outdoor kitchen pool deck

Stamped Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Pool Deck

orange stained outdoor concrete bar top

Orange Stained Outdoor Concrete Bar Top

What Surecrete is in the market:

New kitchens ideas: Every now and then you get it just right. We went to welcome the new neighbors, who want to turn a pleasant, bland house marooned on a sea of water-guzzling grass into an exciting and hospitable home for a growing family. First words out of the new owner’s mouth were “Do you know anything about landscape design?” First words out of my mouth: “No, I don’t, but I know who does. Surecrete!”
From superior concrete construction materials to networks of knowledgeable distributors and contractors, Surecrete lets you hand your job over to experienced professionals with the confidence that they will make your ideas a reality. Or they help you keep the job in your hands, providing an abundance of high-quality professional advice to make you an expert do-it-yourselfer. Topflight information at every step means that Surecrete does the whole job and keeps you up-to-date on exactly how.
The hottest new word for what the guy next door wants is “hardscaping.” That’s what you call it when you give your yard new contours and textures that can’t be created from dirt, plants and grass. Hardscaping means adding permanent decorative, architectural elements to your existing landscape. Hardscaping helps define discrete spaces in your yard, guiding children naturally to areas for active play, bike-riding and snacking. Paths and patios welcome guests to relax and reflect. Swimmers find places for towels, toys and refreshments without leaving puddly trails. For much of the year, your living space expands for outdoor meals and entertainment, and you enjoy a much-expanded definition of the “comforts of home.” That’s what hardscaping could be.
Right now, the new owner has the world’s biggest could-be list: an old-fashioned sun- and shade-friendly family porch across the front, a big planting circle around the old tree near the driveway. A broader driveway—one of these days there will be three or maybe even four drivers in this family. Patio, summer kitchen, fire pit, terraced stairs and a whole new run at the pool area. He sees what’s coming: family parties, neighborhood cookouts, junior-high celebrations, sweet-sixteens, graduations—maybe even a garden wedding!
To change could-be to can-do, pour that man an iced tea and sit him down with the Surecrete site. It’s time to start looking at the picture albums. As a major manufacturer and designer leader, Surecrete has plenty of photos of professionally-created designs that can be implemented by contractor-network members. For the ambitious homeowner, design ideas include workshops that let you work hands-on with industry-leading materials to fashion Surecrete designs. You’ll see the work of professional designers and share the latest thinking on both interior and exterior color and texture trends.
What’s really best, though, are the can-do pictures sent in for posting by do-it-yourselfers, artists, and seasoned contractors. Real work in real locations—this is creativity you can take home and use at your house! Oh, there are competitions every year, and you can see who won—but for purposes of your projects, the biggest winner is you. Looking at any sample Surecrete photo, you’ll be astounded at how much you can learn: the basic who-what-and-when, of course. But you’ll also learn what owners and contractors were trying to accomplish, the problems they faced and the materials and techniques they used to solve them. For a closer look, add Surecrete’s videos. Combine Surecrete’s picture resources with its distributor and contractor networks, and you’re not just talking about could-be to the next-door-neighbor.

About that rainbow: While you are talking to the neighbors, only you can decide whether to share that your new pool deck is finished in Egg-Me-On, Rusty Ruins and Peachy Keen. But– thanks to the huge rainbow of color choices available at Surecrete—if you want to, that’s exactly what you can say! The days when concrete came in gray and gray are far gone. Surecrete offers 250 color choices in concrete stains, 75 standard and 175 special-order. And this is only the solid colors! Add color-compounds which can be added directly to the concrete, acid-washes and specialized sealers, and you’re looking at closer to 300 color choices for your project. It’s like having a whole paint-store at your disposal, and it makes rendering textures like wood planks, veined marble or brick paving more manageable and realistic than ever before.
And it’s not just plain color. The effects you can create are pretty amazing. Marble-veining kits let you create the look of stone, then add streaks and striations of colors that harmonize with surrounding décor. Bring epoxies and flaking into the mix, and you can produce the illusion of walking through low ocean tide, across desert sand dunes or even through the clouds. Control the sheen as well, both for underfoot safety and appearance. Store your beloved motorbikes on a floor as hard-edged and as glossy as their lines. Surround an outdoor fireplace with benches that look as though they’ve grown from a woodland grotto. Use sweeping lengths of desert colors to make the progression from interior to exterior tranquility barely perceptible. Color formulae respect the latest in environmental regulations, so you can plan to use color everywhere! The newest lines are even USDA food-safe! For beautiful, lasting projects that make your home a beautiful special place, follow the rainbow—the Surecrete rainbow! You’ll be very glad you did. That’s what Surecrete has to offer you!