austin pool deck before after

Pool Deck Resurface Project with Concrete Overlay

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfaced with Overlay Stain and Sealer

This pool deck just outside of Austin Texas is a perfect example of how an old, non-attractive pool deck can be transformed into a beautifully clean look using a concrete overlay system. The installer, Concrete Coatings by Design, was able to take this eyesore and turn it into a backyard beauty. Starting with the preparation of the old pool deck, the surface was ground down to remove any imperfections, sealers or stains. They the contractors addressed the cracks and holes to ensure a smooth finish that would not show through the applied concrete overlay. Starting with a white based sprayable concrete overlay, Surecrete’s Surespray, installers created a base coat which would eventually become the patio surface grout lines. After proper dry time of the concrete overlay, a pre-measured square tape pattern was applied using a heavy-duty overlay tape. The squares were then cut in certain sections to create a staggered tile look. Once the installers created the tile design they wanted, a second coat of Surespray was applied over the tape and knocked down with a trowel to create a natural look. Once this process was completed, the concrete overlay was allowed to completely dry. Color was applied using a liquid, water-based, semi transparent, coffee brown stain. The stain is then applied with a pump up sprayer until the desired color was achieved. Notice in some areas stain was put on heavier to give the pool deck a natural tile, stone look. Once the concrete stain was completely dry, two coats of 20% solid clear acrylic sealer was applied to protect the surface for years to come. The sealant also makes cleaning up a breeze! This homeowner must have been amazed with this contractor’s work and the life they brought back into their backyard. Surecrete products used were supplied by DecoPrep Surface Solutions out of Austin Texas. Contact your Surecrete Dealer today for your patio deck needs.

before overlay concrete pool deck crack repair austin

Old Austin Tx. Pool Deck Cracks Treated

Concrete Pool Deck Ground Crack Repaired

Concrete Ground Crack Repaired

Close-Up Pool Deck Tape Concrete Overlay

Close-Up Pool Deck Tape Concrete Overlay

Pool Deck Concrete Overlay Brown Stain

Pool Deck Concrete Overlay Brown Stain

pool deck-hot tube concrete-overlay stain tape Pattern

Pool Deck Hot Tube Concrete Overlay Stain Tape Pattern

Finished Left Side Sealed with Acrylic Sealer

Finished Left Side Sealed with Acrylic Sealer

Right Side Pool Deck Overlay Finished

Right Side Concrete Overlay Finished

Finished Hot Tub and Pool Deck Sealed

Finished Hot Tub and Deck Sealed