SureCrete products change everything you thought concrete should look like. Want an alternative to traditional tile or wood flooring in your home? SureCrete’s concrete overlays can give you the solution you are looking for with customizable wood plank floor with any sizes or colors you desire. Enjoy the durability and easy maintenance of concrete wood floors that you designed with the custom look that no one else will have. Decorative floor concrete can be applied with a stamp overlay for deep rich texture or wood planks can be achieved by a thin overlay giving you a traditional hardwood floor look. Using a concrete stain, virtually any color can be created from standard brown and tan stain floors to accenting stains with green or gold floors wood concrete.

Want a wood looking fire pit or table, no problem! Using SureCrete’s bendable precast (countertop mix) creating your custom design has never been easier. Think of a design, create a mold and pour your concrete. Using a water-based concrete stain will help you get the custom wood look with easy cleanup and unlimited colors. Making concrete wood furniture is done the same way. Tags: concrete floors woods ; woodlies concrete floors


Stained Brown Wood Concrete Patio Table Meticulous workmanship went into the crafting of this cast concrete patio table that was made to look like aged wood planks. Brown stains were […]View Complete Details

Wood Cast Concrete Fire Table

Beige Bent Wood Cast Concrete Fire Table This wood table is a combination of multiple casting techniques that all come together to create the piece you see here. First a […]View Complete Details

Stained Wood Plank Outdoor Grill Concrete Counter Top This outdoor kitchen counter top really is the best of both worlds – the look and feel of wood grain textures combined […]View Complete Details

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Wood Grain Concrete Bath Vanity Wood is almost always a beautiful choice for counter tops or just about any other piece of furniture, but their durability is lacking in areas […]View Complete Details

Gray Concrete Bar Top Wood Plank Base The antique wood planks in this restaurant and bar are clearly the main attraction here on the bar base, floors and walls, but […]View Complete Details

Tan Outdoor Concrete Patio Table Faux wood made from cast concrete is becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many new home designs. This one features a tan top […]View Complete Details

Gray Concrete Table with Wood Plank Inlay Sometimes just one texture isn’t enough. Why have just concrete or just wood, when you can place both together seamlessly? This table exemplifies […]View Complete Details

Brown Concrete Bench Wood Branch Backing This “Faux Bois” piece is a nice blend of solid “wood” frame for the bench seat and the custom sculpted “branches” used to create […]View Complete Details

Concrete Patio Furniture Set One custom sculpted natural wood cast concrete piece is one thing, but an entire patio set of furniture?  That’s another thing entirely.  All these custom crafted […]View Complete Details

Natural Wood Concrete Side Table This award-winning natural wood cast concrete side table sculpture was created to mimic tree branches in the form of natural furniture.  If you’re looking for […]View Complete Details

Natural Wood Concrete Bench This concrete wood bench could easily blend into a forest, but would certainly look better adorning your porch or patio area.  The artistry and craftsmanship […]View Complete Details

Black and Tan Wood Cantilever Shelf Table An incredibly unique and very modern look, this custom cantilever table creates a look unachievable by typical furniture pieces and will make for […]View Complete Details

Concrete Wood Stump Fire Pit Other than the fear of people constantly thinking there’s a forest fire in your home, this custom concrete sculpture will make for one of the […]View Complete Details

Wood Concrete Barrel Fire Pit Making a faux wood iron-banded barrel with concrete would be difficult enough and a beautiful accomplishment… but why not make it a fire-pit as well?  […]View Complete Details

Thin Concrete Overlay Wood Grain Effect * WINNER – BEST THIN OVERLAY PROJECT PHOTO * Congratulations to Keefe Duhon out of Louisiana for winning the 2015 SureCrete Photo Contest category […]View Complete Details

Sculpted Tree Wood Grain Concrete Bathroom Walls These indoor walls were painstakingly crafted by the  artist to create a unique, one of a kind forest like the atmosphere in this bathroom […]View Complete Details

Rustic Wood Concrete Stamped Front Porch Using wood-plank stamp patterns and intricate staining techniques, this front porch was given the rustic look of old drift wood without the worries of […]View Complete Details

Unique Concrete Table with Wood Insert It’s amazing what you can do with gray concrete – this fabricator was able to take boring gray concrete and make it exciting and […]View Complete Details

  Wood Planks For Outdoor Concrete Patio

Location: New Iberia, Louisiana Project: Concrete Wood Floor Installer: Concrete Revolution Materials Supplier: New Age Decorative Concrete Supply Products Used: SCR, Eco-Stain, HS-260 No matter if they are under shelter or […]View Complete Details

  Wood Planks Look Give Decades Old Concrete New Life, Louisiana

Location: New Iberia, Louisiana Project: Concrete Wood Floor Installer: Concrete Revolution Materials Supplier: New Age Decorative Concrete Supply Products Used: SCR, Elasto-Shield, Sure Spray, Integral Color, Eco-Stain, Dura-Kote Epoxy, Dura-Kote Water […]View Complete Details


Concrete Table With Fire Pit

Location: North Indiana Installer: Bontrager Concrete Specialties Supplier: Decorative Concrete Supply Products Used:  Xtreme Series PreCast Mix, Xtreme Series Backer Mix, Eco-Stain A table with an eye-catching centerpiece often sparks […]View Complete Details


Creating the Concrete Wall with Faux Brick Appearance


SureCrete’s Outdoor Living Space Design with Concrete Texture & Color Step by Step Guide: With some many great products made by manufacturers in the Decorative Concrete Industry, we wanted to […] View Complete Details

small casted concrete artist sculpture tree table


Artist Impression of a Tree made of Concrete * WINNER – 2015 SURECRETE PHOTO CONTEST HONORABLE MENTION * Congratulations to Diane Husson out of Norfolk, Virginia for winning 2015 […]View Complete Details