Location: Niles, Michigan

Project: Custom Concrete Table and GFRC Wall Panels

Installer: Bontrager Concrete

Materials Supplier: Decorative Concrete Supply

Total Square Feet: approx 66 ½ feet of table surface

Products Used: Xtreme Series GFRC Face Mix, Xtreme Series Backer Mix, Xtreme Series PreCast Mix, XS-327 Hybrid Water Based Polyurethane

It started with one man’s dream: to have a place to gather, to come together and share a meal, interests and beliefs; where encouraging words would be mingled with friendly conversation – all around an expansive table. However, it was not to be just any table in this man’s dream…but one made of concrete. The team at Bontrager Concrete, in Nappanee, Indiana, would be the ones to fulfill this dream.

GFRC Gray Custom Concrete Table

GFRC Gray Custom Concrete Table

No small task, the team decided to make the custom concrete table top in two pieces. Each piece would still be larger than a typical dining room table and, when put together, the entire length of the concrete table would span 14’ with the center at 5’ and each end tapered to 4’6”.

The Bontrager team utilized user-friendly mixes from SureCrete Design Products’ Xtreme Series mixes to complete this custom concrete table. These products are hybrid GFRC or Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete mixes that have been designed for ease of use; each pre-blended bag mix (except terrazzo) combines with a gallon of modifier and is ready to use.

To start, custom colored Xtreme Series GFRC Face was sprayed into the table top form (up to 1/8” thick) to form a durable but reasonably flexible exterior shell. Then, Xtreme Series Backer was packed into the custom concrete table form. A layer of foam was sandwiched in the table top. This addition not only added the desired thickness to the custom concrete table top but cut down on the finished weight of each piece (still a whopping 550 pounds per piece).

Each base portion was formed out of wood then encased with custom concrete wall panels. Each concrete wall panel measured ¾” thick and was made from custom colored Xtreme Series PreCast.  The concrete table top and base portions were sealed with XS-327 Hybrid Water Based Polyurethane to provide a highly durable matte finish. After two weeks of work this concrete table set into place and the dream was fulfilled!

GFRC Gray Concrete Dining Table

GFRC Gray Concrete Dining Table