Exterior Stucco Alternative for ICF Block Homes – SureCrete WallSpray

Location: San Diego, California

Application: IntegraSpec ICF Block Wall & Home

Products Used: WallSpray, Custom Base Color Pack,  SureSeal Super WB (low voc wb acrylic sealer)

Finish: Smooth Plaster Finish

ICF Buddies of San Diego, California took on the task of rebuilding a home that was destroyed in the fires that hit San Diego. They choose to design a sustainable home that should become a Platinum LEED certified residence. One of the challenges they faced was the choosing of the a exterior stucco finish that could not only protect the home long term, but also provide environmentally friendly attributes without compromising on design.

stucco alternative on ICF block home

stucco alternative on ICF block home

ICF Buddies went to the World of Concrete and found SureCrete Design Products, a manufacturer of decorative and specialty concrete products. Within this company they found a hybrid exterior stucco alternative material that was zero VOC, 35% post-consumer recycled content, and could apply a coating at half the thickness of traditional stucco. This stucco alternative is called WallSpray, and as the name states it is sprayed onto the EPS foam of the ICF block system. WallSpray is a hybrid exterior stucco which is self-bonding, tintable, and can be applied 3 times faster than traditional stucco.

For this San Diego, California ICF residential project, Wall Spray was sprayed directly onto the IntegraSpec ICF block. The ICF block was not rasped, due to WallSprays ability to be used at varying thicknesses. The eps foam was cleaned of the yellow residue. The process for creating a solid color smooth finish is:

WallSpray was tinted with a custom color pack and sprayed out of a Graco RTX1500 at about 1/8″ and a 4 ounce fiberglass mesh was troweled into the wet cement based hybrid stucco.

The base coat was allowed to cure to an even moisture level overnight and harden. The 2nd coat of WallSpray was tinted with a custom color pack and sprayed onto the wall at about 1/8″ and troweled with 2 passes to smooth material.

The next morning SureSeal Super WB was sprayed onto the cured wall to finish the waterproofing system for the exterior of this ICF block home.