High Early Strength Concrete Mix Technology – Xtreme Series GFRC

What is GFRC?

Glass Fiber Reinforced  Concrete has become the go to material for precasters the world over. The combination of cement, sand, and fiber at specific ratios, deliver unparalleled flexural and tensile strength, allowing for the production of a  larger, stronger, and lighter overall design! For most specifiers and architects, the use of high early strength concrete, can open doors to create elaborate structural high strength concrete designs. The use of Xtreme Series GFRC as your “high early strength concrete mix“, gives you the opportunity to reduce weight and material costs without losing any other attributes.

Xtreme GFRC is the “Next Generation” in cement composites.  The patented mix design provides solutions to typical obstacles and inconsistencies found in traditional GFRC formulas.

GFRC Fiber Optics Countertop

Looking at the Xtreme Series GFRC Formula (high early strength concrete mix)

The Xtreme Series technology  is a high early strength pre-blended concrete mix that is made up of: sand, cement, and fiber and completely free of polymer and acrylic . Three types of fibers: PVA, Glass AR, and Nano are combined together for the first time in GFRC. These elements deliver the strongest commercial grade, flexural and tensile strengths available today.  Having NO polymers and NO acrylics in our mix design finally solves the issue of temperature sensitivity during delivery of the raw materials and during application. Experience the ability to mix and spray Xtreme Series GFRC in temperature ranges of 40-90° F.

Xtreme Series GFRC takes human error out of the mixing equation. The two component formula allows for faster mixing, more accurate formula consistency including control of color across an entire project. Faster start up time with a cleaner mix area are also achieved. Use Xtreme Series GFRC to open the door to smarter productivity and better use of your facility.

The combination of PVA and Glass AR fiber with the perfect ratio of cement and sand gives Xtreme Series GFRC the ability to span longer distances in between support. That translates to a decrease in total weight and early high strength precast concrete. Create a lighter and stronger piece without sacrificing flexural or tensile strength. This attribute allows the fabricator to minimize how many seams the piece is required to have increasing the overall aesthetic appeal.  Installation is easier and lighter, requiring less time, labor, and man power.  The end result is an increase in profit margins on every project!

Using GFRC for Architectural Trim and Cladding

Utilizing balanced amounts of PVA, Glass AR and nano fibers, Xtreme Series GFRC can open up NEW and creative design opportunities for Architects and Designers. You can create pieces that are larger, stronger and lighter than ever before. The use of the Xtreme Series technology for your high early strength GFRC mix ,allows the fabricator the ability to reduce and eliminate unnecessary weight and waste on all of their projects. These combined attributes deliver a environmentally friendly or “GREEN” process to your fabrication!