When working with Concrete Countertops or Precast Concrete, most pieces can be stained straight out of the mold. Depending on the design of your Concrete Countertop, you may include different finishing techniques such as sanding or the addition of a slurry coat. Lets take a look at a break through in concrete stains called Eco-Stain, a water based zero-voc stain that doesn’t require any neutralization, and introduce you to some tips that will save you both time and money!

If you are using a typical stain you normally encounter a reactive, polymer, water based or dye that can deliver a variety of different color effects. Eco-Stain is a product unlike the above listed. The 29 UV-stable colors work on any surface that has porosity. There is NO reaction to the surface. It is a water based pigment that penetrates a porous surface through the absorption of moisture. As the surface absorbs the moisture out of the product it penetrates and leaves the pigments in the pours of the substrate. With this feature you have no clean up, no neutralization just a small drying window and the ability to seal. Here are some tips and tricks for use of SureCrete’s water based Eco-Stain on Concrete Countertops

How to Stain a Concrete Counter Top

How to Stain a Concrete Counter Top

Precast Concrete Countertops (No slurry, veining or difference in porosity)

  • Profile your surface with  a dilution of water and SureCrete’s SCR (Super Concrete Renovator) before any application of Eco-Stain. In most cases a dilution of 3 parts water and 1 part SCR is ideal.

Precast Concrete Countertops (with slurry, veining or difference in porosity)

  • Using a rough sand or grit, remove any excess concrete or burrs that are undesired.
  • Wash piece with diluted SCR, rinse and allow to air dry, usually 30 minutes is fine.
  • Fill holes or veins with Xtreme Series Slurry mix and allow to dry.
  • Lightly sand excess slurry with a 400 grit diamond pad or equivalent sand paper.
  • Apply LD 1800(Lithium Densifier) to the surface of your piece; with clean water rinse LD 1800 off the surface before it dries on the concrete( approx. 20 minutes)

NOTE: LD 1800 will help give the areas that are slurried and the existing countertop the same density therefore allowing the stain to absorb more evenly.

Now you are ready to apply Surecrete’s Water-Based Concrete Eco-Stain. Methods of application include; HVLP, Cup Sprayer, sponge, rag, or flooding the surface.

NOTE: If desired color is not achieved, the stain can be removed using a dilution of SCR and water 3/1.  Reapplication of slurry and densifying may be necessary before staining again.

Once the desired look is achieved, seal using a SureCrete recommended penetrating sealer.

We hope that you enjoy this stain as much as we have!

Concrete Basement Bar Countertop with Water Based Stain

Concrete Basement Bar Countertop with Water Based Stain