Don’t Let Your Competition Take Your $$$

Thousands of unprotected driveways, patios, sidewalks and pool decks in your area when this winter ends…

Are you getting what you deserve?

Paint your Driveway


When making a quick profit is as easy as rolling out some paint, why let the competition steal your business?
Re-Seal Stamped Concrete


Restore your concrete with Surecrete

There’s a wide variety of products on the market to choose from, but there’s no reason to settle for second-best.  SureCrete’s VOC-compliant sealers and paints are readily available throughout the United States.

Colored Driveway Paint

Pigmented SBL
A low VOC solvent-acrylic colored concrete paint, this product uses premium tints for superior hide and UV light stability in an amazing array of colors.

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Water Based Concrete Colored Paint

Pigmented WB
Water-based concrete colored paints are finally readily available in a wide array of colors.  Walk in to your local SureCrete store and pick some up today. Over 200 standard colors available.
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Concrete Color Options

Clear Concrete Sealer

HS 240
A 20% solids premium clear acrylic sealer, HS 240 is VOC compliant at less than 400 g/L and helps to protect concrete in freeze/thaw environments.
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Water Based Clear Concrete Sealer

Super WB
A clear, 30% solids water-based acrylic for those areas where slip resistance is a major issue and you need to be as eco-friendly as possible and will help you get every job under the sun.
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If you want to add another dimension to these jobs, why not offer an extended color palette for your customers to choose from?  A unique color might just be the “big” change they were looking for that nets you a few extra dollars for the same amount of time… Oh and did we mention that all our tinted concrete sealers are available through our ON DEMAND tinting stations the same day regardless of color choice?  Fast?  Easy?  Profitable?  Yes, yes and YES!


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