SureCrete Design has worked diligently over the last 5 years, bringing in house, the largest supplies for precast concrete countertops and pour-in-place concrete countertops, GFRC wall panels, integral concrete sink molds, reusable edge profiles and much more.  SureCrete’s comprehensive concrete countertop fabrication training courses teaches the principles needed to compete with local kitchen & bath stores.

Many concrete countertop manufacturers teach the history behind concrete and the artisan side of custom design. While all of these points have a place, and can be very exciting, it does not ensure that the student/applicator can make a living from this training.  SureCrete’s concrete countertop training is designed to enlighten the applicator to concrete countertop mix designs, latest application techniques, efficient installation procedures, marketing tools and pricing guides. 

Manufacture Concrete Countertops

Why is this Knowledge Essential?

Once you go through the 3 day course, the applicator is in position to make a business against concrete countertops and be able to compete with weekly fabrication and installation as can be seen in other mainstream countertop materials such as; solid surface and natural stone. Let’s look at what you can expect out of the two available concrete countertop courses by SureCrete.

Xtreme Series Precast Concrete Countertop 3-Day Training Course

In this concrete countertop training course, you will learn the principles behind the manufacturing speed of mixing, pouring and bending concrete with the Xtreme Countertop, Xtreme Terrazzo and Xtreme Backer mix designs. As you familiarize yourself with the manufacturing speed of this concrete countertop mix designs you will learn to incorporate your current texture and color schemes, along with some new looks, with the speed and consistency. You will also learn how to cut the weight of your designs, in most cases, in half. Allowing for easier installation with less man power and time! Here are some of the bullet points covered:

• Fast & Accurate Templating
• New Foam Forming System
• Reduction Pours
• Marbling / Veining / Travertine
• Integral Color Schemes
• Stains
• Simplified Slurry Coats
• 8 – Hour Terrazzo Demold
• Lithium Densifier Slurry Coats
• New Sealer Technologies
• Complete Kitchen Installation

Cost for single course $995.00

This concrete countertop training course is held in: Dade City, Florida. If you would like to experiment on your own and build your own countertop click here.

Concrete Jungle Precast Fire Table

Concrete Jungle Precast Fire Table