Making a Serene Entrance Over Floating GFRC Stones

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Project: “Floating” GFRC Pond Stones

Installer: Advanced Surface Solutions

Materials Supplier: Turning Point Innovations

Products Used: Xtreme Series PreCast, XS Veining, EcoStain, Xtreme Series GFRC Face Mix, Xtreme Series Backer, HS-260, XS-327

A bridge would be a typical solution for traversing a body of water. This solution is anything but typical. Charlotte,North Carolina based Advanced Surface Solutions in connection with Turning Point Innovations was approached with the unique project idea of making stepping stones to “float” in the serenity pond at the entrance of a North Carolina Estate. Of course, actual floating stones were not possible but the illusion of such absolutely was.  Small pilasters were formed inside the pool, each about six inches narrower than the width and length of the stones. Each stone is only ¾ inch thick with three inch high vertical edges; thus the finished products over lap the pilaster supports and just barely meet the water level of the pond to give the look of “floating”.

Floating Beige Floating GFRC Stones

Floating Beige Floating GFRC Stones

Using Surecrete Design’s Xtreme Series GFRC system, Advanced Surface Solutions created custom stepping stones. Keeping true to the colors and textures of the natural surrounding environment was a must so a Turning Point Innovations marbling technique was used with the two-part Xtreme PreCast system to make the walking surfaces of the stepping stones and give them a natural look. Veining was added to compliment the selected color scheme. Varied colors of slurry and a light application of Eco-Stain give dimension to the stones. Solid colored Xtreme Face Mix was sprayed into a form and reinforced with Xtreme Backer for the vertical faces. Two coats of XS-327 Hybrid Water Based Polyurethane protect the stepping stones from scratches, stains, and absorption. To provide superior waterproofing, HS-260 Premium Clear Solvent Sealer was applied to the underside of the stones.

Each “floating” stepping stone measures three feet by eight feet, but they were easily manipulated by two people for the installation. This was accomplished only by employing material reduction methods allowed by using the Xtreme Series GFRC system.