Platinum LEED Certification for California Countertop Remodel

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project: Custom Concrete Countertops, Sinks, and Tiles

Installer: Aggregate Art

Materials Supplier: SureCrete Design

Total Square Feet: 57 sq.ft. concrete tile

Products Used: Xtreme Series Pre-Cast Face Mix, Xtreme Series Backer Mix

Countertop Remodel

The owner-builder of this Pacific Palisades home in Los Angeles, CA began remodeling his home with a monumental goal in mind…LEED Certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is the most recognized standard for high performance buildings in 6 key areas: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation in Design & Regionalization. In order to achieve this goal, especially difficult with a remodel, the owner received help from the team at Aggregate Art in California. The LEED system works on points that are accumulated to earn silver, gold, or platinum status (this remodel earned Platinum status; a rare occurrence for such a project). Various points are awarded according to the materials and products used in the building, in addition to where they are produced.

The team at Aggregate Art chose to use the Xtreme Series System, hybrid GFRC, from SureCrete Design Products, to gain points toward the LEED certification. They were responsible for the custom concrete countertops, concrete show niches, and concrete sinks in three bathrooms as well as 240 square feet of custom concrete tiles each measuring 24” x 24” x ½”. The concrete countertops, show niches, sinks, and tiles were all made to be considered Green by utilizing the environmentally-friendly Xtreme Series Products such as Xtreme Series Pre-Cast Face Mix and Xtreme Series Backer Mix. In addition to earning LEED points for being locally made, the custom concrete tiles included 10% recycled “glass sand”. Typical sealers used for such projects are low – VOC and water-based.

Aggregate Art is located in Los Angeles and serves Southern California’s decorative concrete needs.

Beige Bathroom Concrete Countertop

Beige Bathroom Concrete Countertop