Ready Mix Truck Integral Concrete Coloring 18 Colors SurePourâ„¢

Our 10-pound ready mix new concrete colors bags provide the contractor with a light, fast, weather-resistant, lime-proof, no maintenance finished product. SureCrete Design Products maintain the highest tinting qualities with strength and color material consistency from bag to bag. In our manufacturing plants, color is conveniently packaged in a disintegrating bag that disperses safely and rapidly into the cement concrete batch, making it better than most ready-mix color companies in the market today. Avoid a sign discolorations concrete by sealing your concrete with a high-quality sealer.
Light = 1 Bag Color / 2 Yards Concrete
Medium = 1 Bag Color / 1 Yard Concrete
Dark = 2 Bags Color / 1 Yard Concrete

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