Location: Richmond, Indiana

Project: Reproduction of Terra Cotta Concrete Architectural Trim Facades with GFRC

Installation by: Artistic Illusions & Construction Resources

Material Supplier: SureCrete Design

Total Sq. In.: 7,140+

Products used: Xtreme Series GFRC Face Mix, Xtreme Series Backer Mix

The Pennsylvania Railroad station, built in 1902, is the focal point of the Railroad Depot Historic district in downtown Richmond, Indiana. The Terra Cotta concrete architectural trim had out lived it purpose and lost its luster. Two companies were involved in the restoration and reproduction of the Terra Cotta Architectural Trim: Artistic Illusions and Construction Resource.

gfrc reproduction of terra cotta concrete architectural trim

Artistic Illusions was in charge of creating the molds replicating the Terra Cotta concrete facade and using GFRC as the material of choice for the reproduction. The size of the molds ranged from 6 sq inches to 36 sq inches. This required casting over 300 pieces of GFRC replicas of the Terra Cotta architectural facades. The choice of which Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete mix design to use was made easy by SureCrete. Home to the Xtreme Series Technology and the industries only preblended GFRC formula, Artistic Illusions had the advantage of minimizing errors and consistency issues typically seen in personalized GFRC formulas. The Xtreme Series Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete system delivers high early strength to the lightweight GFRC mold system.

Once the 300+ pieces were reproduced from the Terra Cotta molds they were put in the hands of Construction Resources. The team at Concrete Resources properly installed the GFRC replicas of the Terra Cotta architectural facade in Richmond, Indiana.

To learn more about the Xtreme GFRC system visit www.SureCreteDesign.com.