Beautiful Veined Stone Look Concrete Counter Kitchen Island

A Gorgeous Kitchen Island Centerpiece

When a magazine publisher and his wife were remodeling their kitchen, they knew there wanted to create something new and unique to really set their kitchen area apart from the rest. They contacted 2 Dogs Concrete Designs, LLC to help them make their kitchen a welcoming place for family gatherings and dinner parties. They wanted the island to be a focal point for their kitchen and with new white cabinets on the perimeter and dark cabinets for the island, the contrast in color selections for each kitchen counter seemed only logical.

The colors of the veins in the top of the kitchen island really do well to accent the dark cabinets in the island as well as the solid dark grey counters on the surrounding kitchen cabinets. The jagged-rock looking edge beautifully combines the natural with the modern in this space. The sleek, innovative and functional design is paired seamlessly with aesthetic beauty are showcased in this unique kitchen creation featuring Surecrete Design Products. Highlighting a marble look with unique edges, this precast concrete counter-top with an integrated sink makes this bar-island combo a must have for any kitchen that wants functionality and beauty to enhance the ease of utilizing the space.

Accented with unique edges that emulate a natural stone feel, this concrete counter top fit to an island streamlines this kitchen’s work space. Boasting gorgeous marbled XS Veining material, the precast concrete island top balances the modern design of this up-to-date kitchen renovation. The dark wood frame of the island, topped with a precast concrete overhang bar creates extra room to wash, cut, prep and serve by adding additional counter space.

How to Create a Veined Concrete Kitchen Island Counter

Creating a kitchen space that seamlessly blends with the rest of your home is an easy achievement with the variety of choices in color, concrete stain and precast molds from Surecrete Design Products. The veining material used on this countertop replaces traditional marble without losing the visual appeal of veined stone.

antique white veined island countertop

Custom concrete molds, precast concrete countertops and concrete stain continue to be the lead choices for innovative, state of the art designs that are ergonomic and efficient in decorative concrete projects. Here’s a brief how-to for this beautiful and unique veined faux stone concrete counter.

Step 1 – Planning your Veined Kitchen Island Counter

Planning is everything! When attempting a concrete piece like this one. Anticipated the correct color scheme to correctly match the existing space is key when creating a travertine look concrete countertop like this one. Making sure the measurements for the integral sink form and the corresponding sink holes and drain are exactly correct.

Step 2 – Forming and Designing your Concrete Countertop Veins

Once you’ve created your mold using foam rails and in this case, an additional 2″ rock face edge detail, its a god idea to have a general plan for where and how deep the texture veins are going to appear in your counter top. Using a mixture of baking soda, water and, in this case, charcoal colored XS Veining material, lay out some of the larger textured veins on your mold’s surface.

Step 3 – Pouring and Coloring Your Countertop

After coloring and mixing your choice of precast mix, in this project, XS Precast and Antique White color packs, pour in the counter-top kit mix to meet up to the vein closest to the edge of your mold. At that point, dust in more of the Charcoal XS Veining material at the location of the vein. Clean out any excess material and then pour in more of the XS Precast mix until you reach the next vein in your piece, repeating the process mentioned above. Continue this process until mold is full.

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Veined Stone Look Concrete Countertop

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Step 4 – De-Mold and Clean the Precast Counter

Cast concrete pieces using Xtreme Series bag mixes can be removed from the mold as early as 4 hours after poured. Very carefully remove the foam rails, edge detail and integral sink form from the newly cast concrete counter, making sure not to allow cracks. Flip over and support the piece with some of the leftover foam rails used to cast the piece to provide a semi-cushioned surface to work with. Clean the topside of the new piece using diluted SCR. Clean off excess and let dry to the touch before applying sealer.

Step 5 – Add Slurry for Smoother Surface

Using the method of adding baking soda to the veins makes for some fairly deep textures in the cast concrete surface, which, while pretty and natural looking, are not terribly ideal for every day use. That being the case, the use of XS Slurry colored with Charcoal color packs to match the previously used Charcoal XS Veining material will help to fill in some of the voids to make for a smoother surface while still maintaining the overall look and feel of the newly made concrete counter for the kitchen island.

Step 6 – Protecting the Concrete Kitchen Island with Sealer

To preserve the natural look and feel of this piece, the applicator used the XS-327 water-based food safe countertop sealer. See the TDS for XS-327 for specific application instructions.

More Veined Cast Concrete Kitchen Island Project Photos

Here are some more photos of the kitchen island made by 2DOGS Concrete Design from Wichita, Kansas:

antique white veined island countertop

Veined Stone Look Concrete Countertop

faux stone travertine countertop island

veined concrete island top

dark travertine colored concrete kitchen island

gray modern concrete accent kichen counter