Concrete Trowels & Floats

SureCrete makes available a large variety of trowels, squeegees and floats, predominantly through the two manufacturing companies that we believe make the highest quality products on the market today – Marshalltown and Bon Tools. These two manufacturers consistently make products that last contractors for years when taken care of correctly before and after concrete projects.

Whether you are looking to smooth out freshly poured concrete, float out a floor, tightly squeegee an epoxy coating or even to delicately create a seamless venetian plaster, we can make sure you have the right trowel, float or squeegee in hand to get the job done right the first time!

Below you will find a part list of all floats, trowels, squeegees and other tools distributed by SureCrete:

Marshalltown Tools

Product Name   Part Number
5×2 Margin Trowel   2211202
16×4 1/2 Poolsaver Trowel w/Durosoft Handle   2213117
20×4 Finishing Trowel   2213536
Fresno Round Ends 36×5   2213736
Bull Float/Fresno Adapter   2213749
Edger   2214172
Rock It   2214251
Mini Rock It Adapter   2214252
Snap Male Adapter – Blue   2214255
6 ft Snap Handle – Blue   2214258
Mag. Hand Float 16 in x 3 in x 1/8 in   2214617
13×13 Magneseum Hawk w/Wood Handle   2215209
S-tool (1/2 and 5/8 brick jointer)   2215522
Sharpshooter Hopper Gun   2216356
Plastic Repair Kit for Hopper Gun   2216374
Duo-Flex Compressor with Sharpshooter Hopper Gun   2216377
Steel Scraper 20 in x 4 in   2216398
Steel Scraper Blades 20×4 (Replacement)   2216399
36 in Cement Broom   2216424
48 in Concrete Broom   2216425
Broom Adapter   2216516
Ornamental Concrete Tool   2219550



Bon and Other Tools

Product Name   Part Number
Knee Pads   2112-309-B10
22 in Magic Trowel   2122MTrowel
26 in Magic Trowel   2126MTrowel
Sandals Spiked Plastic   21A12-845-B7
Gauge Rake Aluminum   21C12-689-B7
Steel Finisher (Squeegee)   21C14-917-B8
Set of 5 Measuring Containers   21MC
1/4 in Flat Touch-Up Wheel   21W14F
1/4 in Round Touch-Up Wheel   21W14R
1/8 in Flat Touch-Up Wheel   21W18F
3/8 in Round Touch-Up Wheel   21W38R
3/8 in Textured Touch-Up Wheel   21W38T
Hammered Edge Touch-Up Wheel   21WHE
V-Groove Touch-Up Wheel   21WV

Concrete Stain Colors – Solid and Semi Transparent – 250 Stained Concrete Colors

What ever you project project entails, Surecrete design products has virtually unlimited solid concrete stain colors available. Through our exclusive on-demand tinting system, Surecrete can provide just about any color you can imagine. All of our colors are made to be UV stable and are manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions including, heavy traffic, freeze-thaw conditions, and high heat climate areas.