More than just a concrete product manufacturer, we are a company of design professionals who pride ourselves on curating products and materials that help shape the latest trends, applications and techniques in decorative and specialty concrete. With over 1,400 products and colors in our manufacturing portfolio, SureCrete offers a concrete product for every room, surface and aesthetic – from floors to walls and ceilings, to countertops, furniture and architectural castings.

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The year of 2017, SureCrete Design manufactures and developed over 1,400 different Decorative concrete products for the concrete industry from our headquarters in central Florida. Why decorative concrete from Surecrete? Our products decorative concrete work together to complete systems for applications on concrete floors, walls, countertops, precast concrete, ceilings, concrete products block overlays and architectural elements. We take great pride in offering the latest cement technology, combined with constant quality control. Using SureCrete products, receive the industry’s best technical support through our over 100 distribution locations, our videos online, and our national telephone lines.

In 2018, SureCrete offers seven (7) departments that hold more than 9500 product SKUs.

Contractors tell their customers that the most important is surface preparation and guess what, they are correct. You are only as good as what your next product used can bond to. Resurfacing concrete mixes that can increase the wearability of the original surface while adding texture and design can be found in Overlay Bag Mixes. Creativity is the heart of the production color and Stains section; here you will find everything you need to bring your dream to life.
For those who enjoy fabricating our Cement Casting department holds the flagship lines of the Xtreme Series and DFRC Counter Top Mixes. Epoxy systems including broadcast and mica pearl metallic infusion available at in Floor Metallic and Flakes.

Protecting your concrete is simplified through the Sealers and Coatings Department. In this section, you will find the best options for bright and pigmented exterior and interior sealants.

Finally, we have tools and accessories for the application of all customer decorative concrete products, SureCrete systems. Where to buy SureCrete decorative concrete products.

Concrete Stain Colors – Solid and Semi Transparent – 250 Stained Concrete Colors

What ever you project project entails, Surecrete design products has virtually unlimited solid concrete stain colors available. Through our exclusive on-demand tinting system, Surecrete can provide just about any color you can imagine. All of our colors are made to be UV stable and are manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions including, heavy traffic, freeze-thaw conditions, and high heat climate areas.