Concrete Countertops Mix Pourable Casting Blend XS-Precast™

SureCrete’s XS-Precast concrete countertops mix is a commercial grade pourable casting mix. Our patented blend is formulated with everything in the bag and is available in gray or white cement based. Mix one bag of  countertop concrete powder, one-gallon liquid modifier additive, any color of your choice, mix and pour. It’s just that easy.



Casting Concrete Countertops Mix Premeasured Pourable Product - XS-Precast by SureCrete

Concrete Countertops Mix Casting For Fireplaces and Furniture by SureCrete

Concrete Countertops Mix Casting For Fireplaces and Furniture by SureCrete

SureCrete's XS Precast is extremely concrete countertops mix easy to use making it the best commercial grade cement countertop mix pre-blended formula in the industry. Our dual component high strength precast concrete countertop mix greatly reduces the materials and labor typically required. With no reinforcement needed, thinner precast pieces are used, and quicker production times are accomplished with high strengths. Being a stronger, denser, and more flexible cement composite, our casting mix is created by combining cutting-edge technology with modern fiber advancements. With a wide range of color and texture selections along with the addition of optional aggregate loading (up to 10 lbs. per bag), design considerations are nearly limitless. Surecrete Design Products concrete bendable concrete mix "XS Precast" produces concrete countertops kitchen, fireplace mantles, and facades, shower surrounds, wall panels, furniture and many other architectural elements. Specially formulated, our precast mix is the perfect product for residential counters, commercial, and industrial applications making it the most desired concrete counter top mix in the world.

Surecrete Design Products concrete countertop mix is much more user-friendly than other mixes. With very little "extra procedures" needed to accomplish beautiful and sound concrete countertops, XS Precast mix can be used by anyone, whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner looking to make a particular countertop DIY style, improve your patio or outdoor kitchen, or a seasoned concrete casting professional. We think everyone is entitled to a beautiful kitchen high strengths concrete countertop or bathroom vanity. We will help you design your counter or vanity at a fraction of the cost of typical granite or sile-stone pieces. In addition to XS Precast kit great mixes, which is made available in a white cement formula and can be colored accordingly, SureCrete has partnered with CHENG and The Concrete Exchange to make a vibrant gray cement formula available in the form of the CHENG DFRC Casting Mix. DFRC Casting Mix is an advanced; fiber reinforced high strength concrete countertop mix that is formulated to allow saturated colors from a convenient dual-component package. It is a versatile blend, just like XS Precast that makes pouring, spraying and even hand-packing concrete an easy-to-follow, and no fuss process that you can afford to do yourself. If you have shopped for garnet or marble, you might want to more concise concrete countertops today for an original, limitless look.

Although Xtreme Series Precast was designed as a concrete countertops mix, here are some other applications:

  • Residential Kitchen Counters
  • Coffee Tables Builds
  • Dining Room & Breakfast Tables
  • Bath Vanity Tops
  • Integrated Concrete Kitchen Sinks
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Any Countertop Designer
  • Home Kitchen Counters
  • Stand-alone bath tubs
  • Shower Wall Panels High Mixes
  • Custom Floor Tiles
  • Commercial Counters
  • Service Industry Bars
  • Architectural Facades

How Do Use SureCrete XS Precast Concrete Countertops Mix?

Xtreme Series Precast makes just about any concrete casting project as simple as a set and forgets, even concrete countertops!

  1. In a 5-gallon bucket, pour XS Modifier and any powder colorants you want to use to integrally color your mix and mix thoroughly, slowly adding the XS Precast dry contents from the bag.
  2. In an upside-down, reversed mold on a flat surface (typically Melamine or a similar material is used as a base), simply pour in your freshly mixed XS Precast to desired thickness.
  3. Be sure to use gloves, and use your hands to push material around inside the mold to verify that there are no air pockets or voids.
  4. In warm weather, allow 4-6 hours before removing from the mold (in frigid temperatures or for a very thick pour, allow to set overnight).
  5. Once de-molded, use SCR, diluted at 3:1 with water, to clean your new surface.
  6. If there are any small pinholes in your surface, utilize our XS Slurry mix to fill.
  7. If you desire any additional countertop color or accents, now would be the time to apply a stain like Eco-Stain for a creative natural look.
  8. Your new XS Precast surface is now ready to receive a coat of sealer and be finished! Congrats on your newly cast concrete surface!


Frequently Asked Questions About Thin Concrete Repair Flash Patch

How are Concrete Countertops Made?

Answer: Concrete countertops are poured using a mold. This is done by first making a template of the desired location where the countertop will be installed.

What Concrete to use for Countertop?

Answer: Concrete is great for countertops as more cost effective solutions over Granite and Quartz. It also allows for more variety in shape, color, and molds, giving you a truly unique look.

How thin can concrete countertops be?

Answer: No less than 1/2."

How long do I have to leave XS Precast concrete poured in the mold?

Answer: In most climates, 4-6 hours is sufficient.

Can I use XS Precast in a pouring concrete in place?

Answer: Yes. It flows just as nicely into a “pour in place” mold as it does a precast. Just make sure you can trowel the surface smooth and de-mold it in the proper time frame using Surecrete's countertop kitchen top mix!

Can I grind and polish XS Precast?

Answer: Yes, just remember that if you still want to apply a sealer, we don’t suggest going any further than 400 grit.

Can I put aggregate in XS Precast?

Answer: Yes, but only up to 10 lbs per bag. If you want to load a higher quartz or aggregate percentage per bag, try using our XS Terrazzo mix instead.

Can I use XS Precast outside? Will the pieces I make freeze and break?

Answer: You most definitely can use XS Precast concrete counter top mix outdoors. There is no fear of the pieces becoming brittle and breaking, even in freezing temperatures due to its extremely dense properties, and it’s ability to flex during the normal thawing process

Step by Step how to use Surecrete's concrete counter top mix to make your counter top.

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Xtreme Seres - Cast Concrete Countertops Mix Part NumbersSKU's and UPC's

Xtreme Series Xs-Precast White Concrete Countertops Mix Kit 50lb : 45101001-Kit | UPC: 842467106495
Xtreme Series DFRC Gray Concrete Countertops Mix Kit 50lb : 45101007-Kit | UPC: 842467106532
Xtreme Series Xs-Precast White Concrete Countertop Casting Mix 50lb : 45101001 | UPC: 842467102435
Xtreme Series Xs-Precast DFRC Gray Concrete Countertop Casting Mix 50lb : 45101007 | UPC: 842467102220
Xtreme Series Xs-Precast Concrete Countertop Modifier Additive 1 Gallon : 45102001 | UPC: 842467102381
Xtreme Series Xs-Precast Concrete Countertop Modifier Additive 5 Gallon : 45102002 | UPC: 842467102404
Xtreme Series Xs-Precast Concrete Countertop Modifier Additive 1 Gallon Consentrated : 45102014 | UPC: 842467102411

c50Lb. Concrete Countertops Mix Pourable Casting Blend XS-Precast™

SureCrete's XS-Precast concrete countertops mix

1 Gallon Modifier for Reinforcement for Casting Concrete XS-Modifier™
5 Gallon Modifier for Reinforcement for Casting Concrete XS-Modifier™
50Lb. Bag Concrete Countertops Mix Pourable Casting Blend XS-Precast™


Concrete Stain Colors – Solid and Semi Transparent – 250 Stained Concrete Colors

What ever you project project entails, Surecrete design products has virtually unlimited solid concrete stain colors available. Through our exclusive on-demand tinting system, Surecrete can provide just about any color you can imagine. All of our colors are made to be UV stable and are manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions including, heavy traffic, freeze-thaw conditions, and high heat climate areas.