Liquid Concrete Polymer Concentrate SC Polymer™

SureCrete’s liquid concrete polymer concentrate is a 55% solids copolymer that can increase abrasion resistance and assist in the curing concrete strength.


5 Gallons Liquid Concrete Polymer Concentrate by SureCrete

Concrete Liquid Polymer Concentrate by Surecrete

Concrete Liquid Polymer Concentrate by Surecrete

SC Polymer is concentrated and is not designed to be used without diluting. Below you will find the following dilution rates that can be used. The formula of dilution should be equal parts of clean potable water to SC Polymer (Example 2:1 equals 2-parts water to 1-part SC Polymer)
Sure Prime                    1:1        27.5%  Solids
Eco Prime                     4:1        11%    Solids

Dual Component           2:1        18%    Solids

Overlays                       3:1        13.8% Solids

1.     Using a clean mixing container, pour in the appropriate equal part of SC Polymer.
2.     Add the equal parts of the clean potable water to the SC Polymer.
3.     Mechanically mix with a cordless drill equipped with a “Jiffy-style” mixing blade on low to medium speed for 2-minutes.
4.     For application techniques see the full instructions on the TDS.

SureCrete's liquid concrete polymer concentrate is a 55% solids copolymer emulsion (vinyl acetate-ethylene or VAE) designed for use as a fortifying admixture for cement based products. It offers these advantages:

Liquid Concrete Polymer Concentrate Concentrate Can Be Used For:

  • Improved Adhesion
  • Reduced Permeability
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • Assists the Curing Process
  • Improved Flexural Strength
  • Improved Tensile Strength
  • Enhanced Freeze/Thaw Durability

Concrete Polymer Concentrate will enhance the properties of any concrete and is typically used for patching materials, bridge decks, grouts, stucco, decorative thin cement-based overlays.

Some surfaces that might need to be prepped with Liquid Concrete Polymer:

  • old concrete slabs
  • bridging floors and gaps
  • worn-down surfaces
  • overly porous concrete
  • over or tightly troweled surfaces
  • freeze/thaw cycle affected environments
  • interior residential floors
  • interior commercial flooring

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Polymer Concentrate Liquid:

Question: Do I need to use Concrete Polymer Concentrate Liquid in conjunction with SureCrete Overlays and Mixes?

Answer: No, Surecrete's Concrete Polymer Concentrate Liquid was designed for those looking to create their own bag mix design formulation.

Specifications and Properties of Concrete Polymer Concentrate Liquid:

Coverage   Varies on mix design/formulation
VOC Rating   0 g/L
Shelf Life   6 months in original unopened container
Solids Content   55%
Viscosity   2400 cps
pH   4.5
Density   8.9 lbs/gal (1,066 g/L)
Mechanical Stability   Excellent
Water Resistance   Good
Film Clarity   Hazy
Liquid Concrete Polymer Concentrate SC Polymer™ by SureCrete

SC Polymer™ is a 55% solid, concentrated, liquid polymer resin designed to be used as a bonding agent for overlays to concrete floors and walls. SC Polymer can create products formerly known as SurePrime and EcoPrime, see dilution rates below.

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32 Oz., 5 Gallons

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