Concrete Countertop Sealer Food Safe Semi-Gloss and Matte Finishes XS-327™

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SureCrete XS327 is a premium concrete countertop sealer that when fully cured is a food-safe clear coating. Available in semi-gloss or matte finishes, XS-327 is a water-based polyurethane that is UV stable and scratch resistant clear concrete sealer. ” XS-327 is simply the best polyurethane countertop coating on the market today “


Water-Based Concrete Countertop Sealer Premium Food Safe Coating Gloss and Matte XS-327 by SureCrete

Matte or Gloss Finish Food Safe Concrete Countertop Sealer XS-327 by SureCrete

Matte or Gloss Finish Food Safe Concrete Countertop Sealer XS 327 by SureCrete

SureCrete's XS-327 concrete countertop sealer protection is a specially formulated two component water-based, moisture-cure, high solids hybrid polyurethane coating designed for application over completed concrete countertops and surfaces. XS-327 is a penetrating food safe, UV stable, minimal color enhancing sealer, available in both matte and gloss finishes. At 64% solids (varies upon reduction rate) and 25 g/L VOC this high-performance clear top coat generates the premier balance of strength, flexibility, chemical and scratch resistance. XS-327 concrete countertop sealer is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings applied upon concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds, shower panels, floor tiles, wall panels, and all Xtreme Series products. Like some other sealers, XS-327 countertop protection becomes food safe upon curing. It is stain resistant to most household chemicals and culinary items and is heat resistant to 300°F (149°C). XS-327 is distinctive in its ability to be touched up or repaired.

With such a low VOC rating at only 25 g/L, XS-327 is an incredible eco-friendly sealer concrete countertops, after curing, the sealers staining is completely food safe, making it an ideal sealer for use in both residential and commercial kitchens. Also, being a water-based sealer, XS-327 cement countertop coating puts out little to no odor, making it an ideal layer for use in residential applications. XS-327's scratch and abrasion resistance are also second to none, making it viable for a variety of surfaces. XS-327 is simply the best countertop sealer on the market today.

Food Safe Concrete Countertop Sealer Typical applications:

  • Concrete Kitchen Countertops
  • Dining & Coffee Tables
  • Outdoor Counters
  • Shower Panels
  • Lightweight Wall Panels
  • Precast Decorative Pieces
  • Concrete Countertop
  • Protect Surface Scratching
  • Finishes Wood will not Penetrate
  • Concrete Countertops Seal Food Out
  • Building Facades
  • Custom Floor Tiles
  • Custom Furniture
  • Bath Vanities
  • Integrated Kitchen Sinks
  • Integrated Bath Sink
  • Wood Looking Counters
  • Safe Finish Repels Oils
  • Finishes Food Safe Cement
  • Seal Countertops Matte or Gloss

How to Apply SureCrete XS-327 urethane water-based Countertop Protection?

Following these instructions, anyone can apply XS-327 concrete sealing countertops:

  1. Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched.
  2. Mix 2 parts B and 3 parts A continuously for 3 minutes to ensure complete catalyzation.
  3. For the prime coat, add 7 parts water to 1 part catalyzed product and mechanically mix for 2 minutes.
  4. Flood surface with xs-327 concrete countertop sealer and work into the surface using a high-density foam roller until the surface is saturated.
  5. Backroll the surface with a relatively dry roller using only the weight of the roller.
  6. Once the prime coat is dry to the touch, the surface is ready for the first coat.
  7. After mixing another batch to full catalyzation, dilute catalyzed product at a rate of 2 parts water to 1 part sealer.
  8. Apply XS-327 again in similar fashion as a prime coat, this time with only an even coating, again back rolling to prevent roller marks.
  9. Once the first coat is dry to the touch, the surface is ready for the second and final coat of sealer.
  10. Mix one more batch of XS-327 cement countertop sealer, then dilute catalyzed product at a rate of 2 parts water to 1 part sealer.
  11. Apply countertop sealer in similar fashion to first coat with an even coating and again back rolling to prevent roller marks.
  12. 24 hours after second coat of XS-327 countertop sealer is applied, the surface is ready for light use, and is fully cured and finishes safe for food after 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About XS-327:

Question: Is XS-327 counter topping food safe?

Answer: After the full cure is achieved in 7 days, XS 327 seals concrete surface making it a completely finish food safe sealer.

Question: Can it be used on wood finishes?

Answer: Although our sealer is formulated for concrete surfaces, we have had wood finishers use 327 with success.

Question: How long do I have to wait between coats?

Answer: Only until the sealed surface is dry to the touch and not tacky. If allowed to sit more than 12 hours, the surface will need to be sanded with 220 grit sand paper to ensure proper adhesion.

Question: Do I need to use multiple coats XS-327?

Answer: Yes, the prime coat is essential for good penetration of the sealer, and it is much easier to apply at dilution rates of 2:1 and 1:1. “Straight-up” application is never suggested.

Specifications  and Properties of XS-327 Countertop Food Safe Finishes Coating:

Coverage Approximately 100 square foot per 40 oz catalyzed product
VOC Rating 25 g/L (before dilution)
Solids Content 64% (before dilution)
Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened container
Mixing Ratio 3 parts A to 2 parts B
Pot Life 30 minutes
Ready for re-coat dry to the touch
Re-coat “window” after 12 hours, sanding is required
Light Duty Use 24 hours
Cement Counter Top SealerFood Safe / Cured 7 days

1-Qt. Kit Matte XS 327 Countertop sealer Low Voc Hybrid Water Based PolyuWater-Based  SKU: 890902010 | UPC: 842467108208
1-Qt. Kit Gloss XS 327 Countertop sealer Low Voc Hybrid Water Based PolyuWater-Based  SKU: 890902011 | UPC: 842467108215

How to Apply XS-327 Concrete Countertop Sealer - Food Safe and UV Stable Scratch Resistant

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1-Qt. Kit Matte XS 327 Countertop sealer, 1-Qt. Kit Gloss XS 327 Countertop sealer

4 reviews for Concrete Countertop Sealer Food Safe Semi-Gloss and Matte Finishes XS-327™

  1. surecrete

    SureCrete XS327 is a premium concrete countertop sealer that when fully cured is a food-safe clear coating. Available in gloss or matte finishes, XS-327 is a water-based polyurethane that is UV stable and scratch resistant clear concrete sealer.

  2. Steve

    In your catalog, it mentions that the XS-327 has a burnished application. What exactly is a burnished application?

    • surecrete

      Thank you for the great question, Please contact a SureCrete Rep. at 1 (352) 567-7973 and the can give you more details on how this can be done.

    • Susan Hyatt

      can this be put on white concrete sealer

      • surecrete

        It could, But all depending on the current sealer. Please contact your SureCrete Rep to make sure the current sealer is compatible.

    • Philip

      Does XS 327 have enough heat resistance to handle hot pan coming off the stove top or oven.

      • surecrete

        Yes, just like any hard surface, avoid prolonged exposure.

  3. Steve Gartner

    We put a fresh coat of XS-327 on this table this morning. It has been outdoors for exactly 2 years tomorrow and looks like the day we installed it.

    • surecrete

      Thank you, Steve

  4. Jeff George

    Used XS-327. Great product, easy to use and looks fantastic! Tech support for “on the fly”product info and application tips are excellent. Thanks to Madilyn and Patrick! Thanks guys!

    • surecrete

      Thank you, Jeff!

  5. surecrete

    XS-327 is a water based polyurethane concrete countertop sealer that can create a matte or gloss finish which is highly durable, scratch resistant, food safe, and can handle high heat.

  6. Dave Dalgliesh

    Will you ship to Nova Scotia, Canada?

    • surecrete

      Yes, we have many Dealers in Canada!! Please contact our SureCrete Team

    • Kelly

      In the video you have a set time of 10 min. but not in the written instructions BEFORE the water is added. that’s for every batch correct. Prime layer 1 layer 2

      • surecrete

        Yes Kelly, Every Batch would be a good Idea

    • Nathan Wills

      Im using this on a bathroom countertop with integral sinks. I didnt follow the directions correctly on the primer coat. I mixed the 7:1 ratio to the portions of what part A and B were (50mL each). So my primer coat was in actuality more like 7:5. The surface after 2 coats is still tacky and bumpy. Realive humidity in the house is around 50%. Can you recommend next course of action?

      • SureCrete

        Talked to customer support. Because you have a primer coat that is close to 1:1 and not 7:1 the sealer will have a hard time curing. They recommended you get the humidity up to 70-75% and approx 75 room temp. Because XS-327 is a moisture cure product, this should help it cure. Once cured you will need to sand the surface (not into concrete) to remove blemishes. Please call customer support if you need more assistance. ~SureCrete

  7. Chris

    What do I do if the counter has been previously sealed with an acrylic sealer and the acrylic based filler?

    • surecrete

      Chris, Thank you for the great question. In an ideal world the previous coating should be stripped. However this is not always possible. One reason is the mess it can cause inside, the other is the color enhancement the acrylic provided you will not achieve with XS 327.
      To recoat acrylic is possible. First wipe down with denatured alcohol. Then the surface must be completely sanded so no sheen is left. Usually 100 grit. Then another alcohol wipe. You can recoat with two coats of XS 327 at a 1 to 1 dilution with water.

  8. Steve

    Is this the best product to achieve an enhanced, high gloss finish for a concrete countertop?

  9. Victoria Rivero

    I have two questions:
    1) How much time, do you have to wait, from first coat to second coat application?
    2) If it’s a brand new concrete countertop, what do you need to do, prior to applying your XS327 sealer?
    Thanks! Victoria

    • surecrete

      Thank you for the great Question! : Before sealer application, Xtreme Series cast products must hydrate out of the mold for a minimum of 12 hours depending on temperature & humidity. Any standard concrete must be sufficiently cured to have complete hydration, approximately 14 days depending on temperature & humidity.

    • surecrete

      Second Coat
      1. If first coat is dry to the touch, proceed with a second coat.
      2. If first coat has cured beyond 12 hours, it must be sanded
      with 220 grit sandpaper by hand or with an orbital sander. This
      sanding will ensure not only a good bond between coats, but
      also eliminate any imperfections, debris, or dust that may have
      settled onto the first coat as it was drying. Clean surface with
      compressed air or lint-free rag.
      3. Second coat mixes and applies as first coat above. Dilution of
      product remains 2 parts water to 1 part catalyzed mix (2:1).
      24 hours after application of second coat, the surface is ready for light
      duty use.
      7 days after application of second coat, complete cure is achieved
      and the surface is ready for full use.

  10. Amy

    I purchased SureGrip HD Additive with the intention of adding it to the XS-327 while sealing a shower floor…However, the label seems to specify use with “acrylic” sealers…is the SureGrip compatible with XS-327?

    • surecrete

      Hi Amy, Thank you for the Great Question. SureGrip was “Not” designed to be used with XS-327. It was designed for acrylic and Polyurethane Floor sealers. Hope this helps.

  11. Geordie

    Will the sealer enhance the colour? Looking for it to finish as it looks when wet

  12. MR

    I have Tabletop that came with Sika sealer on it. Can I out this on over top? If not what kind of surface prep must i do? Thanks.

    • surecrete

      Thank you for your great question, XS-327 is a penetrating sealer so it must be able to penetrate the concrete surface to achieve maximum results. It may be necessary to grind/sand surface to make sure XS-327 can “soak in” A good test would be to add water to the surface, if it soaks in then XS-327 will work properly. Hope this information helps, please feel free to reach out to a SureCrete Rep. anytime for more information.

    • L. Walker

      I’ve read a few reviews that this product will significantly darken the concrete and give a brown tone to it. Trying to make a decision on the stain under the sealer and was wondering if this was a common issue.

      • surecrete

        It could, however, it is not manufactured for color enhancing. Please test a small area first by applying water; this could be close to the final color.

  13. Mike Hubert

    I bought this product to go over my Cheng Concrete precast countertops in Charcoal color, and I am SO glad I went with this sealer over the generic stuff I had used on my small bathroom countertop (not food safe, not poly based, etc), or the Cheng sealer I was considering. I just happened to call Surecrete tech support to ask about color-matching my slurry, and the tech support guy reminded me to use a quality sealer in my kitchen. This is truly an outstanding product.
    I approached the application of this sealer with more than a little trepidation, as I am literally the world’s worst painter. However, it actually goes on very easy and seems rather forgiving. Following the manufacturer’s directions closely, I found it easy to apply the primer coat and then two additional coats. I finished my 50 square feet of countertop in about 2-1/2 hours, and they look AWESOME! The colors just pop, and the product went on nice and even and simply gorgeous. I can’t recommend this sealer highly enough for kitchen countertops, which is what they are designed for.

    • surecrete

      Thank you for the Great compliments, Mike!

    • Edward DiGirolamo

      Primer coat of 7:1 was put on a little over 12 hours ago and is still very tacky Temp was in the 70s all night and i have had fans going all night. I used this product due to the last one being tacky and things getting stuck to it.

  14. Robb Robb

    How does XS-327 protect against oils…vegetable oil, olive oils, etc? Thank you!

    • SureCrete

      Appearance (cured) Clear matte or gloss
      Water Resistance Excellent, beads water
      Mechanical Stability Excellent
      Light Stability Excellent
      Solids 64% as packaged
      Appearance (wet) Milky
      Odor Sweet
      Application Temperature 60°F – 90°F (16°C – 32°C)
      VOC content 25 g/L before dilution
      Pot life Approximately 30 mins
      Gardener direct / reverse impact >160 inch pounds
      Taber abrasion 40-60 mg loss
      QUV – A <5.0 @ 2000 hours
      Gloss retention >95% @ 2000 hours
      Industrial Chemicals 24 hours
      MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) no effect
      Xylene no effect
      Tap Water no effect
      Mineral Spirits no effect
      100% Ethanol no effect
      10% acetic acid no effect
      5% sodium hydroxide no effect
      50% sodium hydroxide no effect
      85% lactic acid no effect
      50% sulfuric acid no effect
      38% hydrochloric acid no effect
      10% sodium chloride solution no effect
      28% ammonia no effect
      Household Chemicals 24 hours
      Coffee no effect
      Cola no effect
      Grape juice no effect
      Ketchup no effect
      Mustard transient staining
      Clorox Bleach 5 – 10% no effect

  15. Heather

    I just finished the application of the 3rd layer on my countertops, and I LOVE it! It says it will be able to withstand 300*F temperature on it – how long should I wait until I put heated objects on it? Also, would I be able to cut veggies, etc on it? Is it resistant to cutting? Thanks!

    • SureCrete

      Please reach out to SureCrete’s Support team on this project. 352-567-7973

  16. Phil Willette

    Hello, I am planning on resealing my concrete countertop with the XS-327. I have a couple of questions I’m hoping to get answered. First I originally used the Cheng water based sealer and then waxed over it. I haven’t rewaxed in about a year.
    First what do I need to do to prep my counter for the XS-327 and second, do I need to apply wax once coated and cured? Thank you for your time. Phil

    • SureCrete

      Please reach out to SureCrete’s Support team on this project. 352-567-7973

  17. Andrew

    I plan to inlay a piece of wood in a countertop. Can i apply this sealer over the wood?

    • SureCrete

      Please reach out to SureCrete’s Support team on this project. 352-567-7973

  18. Jason Greco

    We just cast our concrete countertops for our kitchen and we will begin sanding and polishing them next week.
    We plan on polishing them from 50 grit to expose the aggregate up to 6000 grit to make it smooth like marble.
    I have read that most sealers are applied around 200 grit so that the concrete is still porous but that that with some
    you can then continue polishing up to 6k or around there. When do you apply this sealer? 200? or can you apply it
    at 6k? or, can you apply it at 200 and then polish to 6k?

    • SureCrete

      Please reach out to SureCrete’s Support team on this project. 352-567-7973

  19. Jack Murphy

    I have used a different sealer (Smartseal) on my concrete countertops and I am not happy with the quality.

    If I was going to use your product on the countertops how should I prepare the concrete? i.e. would I need to sand it to make sure I’ve removed all of the old sealant or would it be ok to just clean it?


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