Thin High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer Xtreme Series XS PC12™

SureCrete’s Xtreme Series XS Pc12™ is a solvent-based clear high gloss concrete casting sealer that is easy to apply. Manufactured with high-quality materials, PC-12 is a great choice for sealing your concrete cast pieces fo a long durable surface.


High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer PC-12 by SureCrete

SureCrete's High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer PC-12

SureCrete's High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer PC-12

SureCrete's XS-PC12™ high gloss concrete casting sealer is a specially formulated two component, 59% solids hybrid solvent based polyurea coating designed for application over completed concrete surfaces. XS-PC12 high gloss casting sealer provides a low VOC (400 g/L), penetrating, film forming, color enhancing, and high gloss durable surface. high-performance clear top coat generates the premier balance of strength, flexibility, chemical and scratch resistance. XS-PC12 is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings applied upon concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds, shower panels, floor tiles, wall panels, and all Xtreme Series materials. Like some other sealers, XS-PC-12 high gloss concrete counter top sealer becomes food safe upon curing. It is stain resistant to most household chemicals and culinary items, and is heat resistant to 300°F (149°C). XS-PC12 is distinctive in its ability to be touched up or repaired.

With it's extremely high chemical and scratch resistance, XS-PC12 concrete casting sealer wet look is an ideal sealer for use on cast concrete pieces where you're looking for a gloss coating as well as some color enhancement. If you're looking to protect your own personal precast kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, XS-PC12 food safe concrete counter sealer makes for a great sealing option. And since we all know that just about every kitchen and bath counter takes a pretty solid beating over the years, being able to touch up or repair this coating can be a huge benefit, especially if you take on the job yourself. XS-PC12 concrete sealant is also a great option for large commercial projects since it is fairly easy to apply but still provides all the wonderful qualities spoken of earlier. This can save quite a bit in labor costs as typically to seal a commercial bartop you would need multiple types of sealers to provide sufficient scratch and chemical resistance as well as color enhancement and a gloss finish with a wet look counter.

High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer XS-PC12 Applications:

  • Cast Kitchen Counters
  • Casted Funiture
  • Concrete Outdoor Kitchens
  • Cast Shower Panels
  • Lightweight Wall Panels
  • Precast Decorative Pieces
  • Cast Building Accents
  • Concrete Floor Tiles
  • Concrete Planters
  • Bath Cement Vanities
  • Integrated Kitchen Sinks
  • Integrated Bath Sinks

How Do You Apply SureCrete XS-PC12 High Gloss Concrete Casting  Sealer?

  1. Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be fully cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched.
  2. Pour 1 part B into clean mixing container containing three parts A. Mix mechanically for 2 minutes until catalyzed.
  3. For the first coat, pour out XS-PC12 food safe concrete sealer onto your surface and spread with a high-density foam roller, making sure to only work on areas that can be finished in about 4-5 minutes.
  4. Backroll each work area before it becomes tacky.
  5. Once the first coat is dry to the touch, the surface is ready for a second coat.
  6. The second layer is mixed and applied the same as the first coat.
  7. 24 hours after second coat is applied, the surface is ready for light use, and is fully cured and safe food concrete after seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions About XS-PC12 High Gloss Casting Sealer:

Question: Will PC-12 Make Concrete Food Safe?

Answer: After the full cure is achieved in 7 days, the sealer concrete is completely food safe.

Question: How long do I have to wait between coats of XS-PC12 Concrete Sealer?

Answer: Only until the sealed surface is dry to the touch and not tacky. If allowed to sit more than 12 hours, the surface will need to be sanded with 220 grit sand paper to ensure proper adhesion.

Question: Do I need to use multiple coats of XS-PC12 Gloss Sealer?

Answer: Technically no, but for full, proper protection, we highly recommend using two coats on any finished surface.

Question: Can PC-12 Be Used Outside on and Outdoor Kitchen Countertop?

Answer: Yes.

Specifications and Properties of SureCrete's High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer PC-12

Appearance (cured) Clear gloss sheen
Water Resistance Excellent beads water
Mechanical Stability Excellent
Light Stability Excellent
Appearance (wet) Clear
Odor Aromatic
Application Temperature 60 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit
Gardener direct/reverse impact >160-inch pounds
Taber Abrasion 40-60 mg loss
QUV – A less than 5.0 @ 2,000 hours
Gloss retention >95% @ 2,000 hours

Industrial & Household Chemical Resistances Testing for XS-PC12 Casting Sealer after 24 Hours:

MEK no effect
Xylene no effect
Tap Water no effect
Mineral Spirits no effect
100% Ethanol no effect
10% Acetic Acid no effect
5% Sodium Hydroxide no effect
50% Sodium Hydroxide no effect
85% Lactic Acid no effect
50% Sulfuric Acid no effect
38% Hydrochloric Acid no effect
10% Sodium Chloride Solution no effect
28% Ammonia no effect
Coffee no effect
Cola no effect
Grape Juice no effect
Ketchup no effect
Mustard transient staining
Clorox Bleach 5-10% no effect

PC12™ 1 Quart Kit High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer Xtreme Series

PC12™ 1 Quart Kit High Gloss Concrete Casting Sealer SKU: 890904019 | UPC: 842467108222

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1-Qt. Kit XS-Pc12 High Gloss Casting Sealer

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