2016 Photo Contest Results

Winners of the SureCrete’s “Snap & Win” Photo Contest July- August 2016

We would like to thank everyone who submitted projects, and for being a part of the Decorative Concrete Industry while showing the world, you do not have to settle for ordinary.
On July 1st, 2016 SureCrete Design Products hosted a contest with one goal: to expose the world to the “Decorative Concrete Industry”. On August 31st, 2016 Snap & Win closed for submissions and the projects submitted were fantastic. With over 1,000+ submissions, we are ecstatic to see the diversity of both domestic and international uses of decorative concrete products.

1st place Surecrete Photo Contest

Company: Speck USA

Wall panels and walls for a receptionist desk

Wall panels and walls for a receptionist desk

Project Details: Wall panels and walls for a receptionist desk. Walls were created utilizing XS Precast Mix, Color Packs, Packing Additive, custom blue veining, stainless inlay and sealed with XS-327.

2st place Surecrete Photo Contest

Company: Vintage Concrete

2,700 sq. ft. hotel restaurant floor

2,700 sq. ft. hotel restaurant floor

Project Details: 2,700 sq. ft. hotel restaurant floor required the concrete to be patched with Flash Patch, Deep Level. To create the handcrafted design, SureBroom was used with (4) different color packs and then sealed with XS-327.

3st place Surecrete Photo Contest

Company: Visual Artisan, LLC

Metallic checker flag pattern

Metallic checker flag pattern

Project Details: Custom designed 2,400 sq. ft. hanger floor. The checker flag pattern was created utilizing metallic water based epoxy and solid color water based epoxy.

4st place Surecrete Photo Contest

Company: Concrete Revolution

Custom designed cabinet base and countertop

Custom designed cabinet base and countertop

Project Details: Custom designed cabinet base and countertop. The base was formed out of wood, and the finish was handcrafted utilizing: elasto-shield, wallspray, micro topping, color packs, eco-stain, and XS-327. The concrete countertop was made using XS PreCast, Color Packs, XS Veining and XS-327.

5th Place Surecrete Photo Contest

Company: The Concrete Colorist

Driveway was created using SureBroom

The driveway was created using SureBroom

Project Details: 19,000 SQ. Ft. The driveway was created using SureBroom, Color Packs, Eco-Stain and clear acrylic sealer.

The contest was designed to have a digital platform for submission and viewing by the public. We added a feature that allowed all to see how the public viewed their work. The top project recognized by the public came from Tammy Pilon of Canada, who created a hand carved rustic concrete overlay for a bathroom wall. This project alone had over 7,800 people look at it with over 1,200 likes. As a whole, all entries in this decorative concrete contest had over 300,000 views.
With over 1,000 submissions, choosing the (5) winners was no easy task. The (10) submissions with the most votes by the public projects, were added to the final voting phase. All remaining projects were voted on by the following criteria: Quality of Design, Craftsmanship, and Amount of SureCrete Decorative Concrete Materials used on the project. We did our best not to be influenced by the surroundings of the project, which was no easy feat, as this was not a contest based on who had the best photography skills. The list was narrowed down one at a time and alas, here are the top (5) 2016 Snap & Win Contest winners.

2016 Snap & Win July – August 2016 Photo Contest Entries:

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